Inside USA: US interference in Bolivia

Dandelion Salad


This week Inside USA looks at the Bush administration’s policies in South America’s poorest nation, and asks what the future holds for Bolivia.


Bolivia: What does Santa Cruz want? + Autonomy vote

Stalled Morales puts faith in referendum

US backs eastern seccession in Bolivia (video)

We Must Democratize Our Economic Institutions by Manila Ryce

Fight for Bolivia’s future lies behind referendum

Talk to Jazeera: Evo Morales (videos)


2 thoughts on “Inside USA: US interference in Bolivia

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  2. The USA needs to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, regardless if they are resource rich. Under the misguided philosophy of the Milton Friedman Chicago School of Economics, so many public institutions in Bolivia and the rest of Latin American have be privatized. This can only create ill-will and blowback for the US.

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