New America Foundation: Briefing on Beirut (video)

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Is Lebanon on the brink of civil war? What are the implications for the region? What is America’s role in the current crisis?

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May 13, 2008

Featured Speakers

  • Rami Khouri (by phone)
    The Daily Star
  • Hisham Melhem
    Bureau Chief
    Al Arabiyah
  • Nir Rosen (by phone)
    Former Fellow, New America Foundation
    Fellow, NYU Center on Law and Security
  • Daniel Levy
    Director, Middle East Policy Initiative, New America Foundation/The Century Foundation
  • Flynt Leverett
    Director, Geopolitics of Energy Initiative
    New America Foundation

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  3. After thousands of years of bloody battles, Abraham’s children had finally learned to play quite nicely in the sand box with one another.

    That is until around 1950 when the Zion fascists snuck in, grabbed a hand full of sand and threw it in one of the brothers faces, blaming the other brother.

    One day all of Abraham’s children will awaken to realize who the true terrorist is.

    He fell from his watchers post to bring tyranny to the true children of Yahweh, and when the awakening comes, he will remain in his containment as the true children are allowed their escape from his tyranny.

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