Dennis Kucinich on Iraq and the Economy (videos)

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Dennis Kucinich at North Coast Training

Congressman Dennis Kucinich talks to political training attendees about the presidential election.

4 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich on Iraq and the Economy (videos)

  1. Well, unfortunately Kucinich would NOT have had a chance if he ran on a third party ticket due to the election laws shutting out third parties from ballot access, etc. At least he won his re-election in the primary for Congress, and hopefully he’ll win in Nov, too. We need him in Congress, and more like him. I highly recommend working on local/state races in your own community. That’s where the changes are going to occur.

  2. In agreement with both of you. It makes me feel bad to think Dennis may have had a chance had he changed parties. The Dems are part of what destroyed his Presidential campaign. Here’s to Dennis in Congress until he is President!

  3. I so agree with you, Shaine. I’m quite disappointed in Kucinich and his ties to the Dem Party. He should have left it a long time ago. What has the Dem Party done for him and his campaign? Nothing, or worse, a shut out.

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