Rush Limbaugh: Everything That’s Wrong With America Personified

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by Josh Sidman
Dandelion Salad
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May 13, 2008

I feel dirty for even stooping to write about this guy (since I know that’s exactly what he wants), but since his latest political stunt is making a mockery of our political system, I feel compelled to speak up and propose an idea to counter his self-aggrandizing, destructive tactics.

For anyone who hasn’t already heard about it, Limbaugh has been making headlines recently with his “Operation Chaos”. The idea is to encourage Republican voters to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries in order to extend and deepen the divisions within the Democratic Party and weaken the eventual nominee. Limbaugh is showing his true colors by deliberately undermining the integrity of our system of government in order to boost his own ratings and promote his own political agenda. What could be more anti-American than that?

Not only is it the height of cynicism and anti-democratic sentiment to encourage people to use their votes to support a candidate who they hate, but this self-described “patriot” actually went so far as to state that his goal is to see violence and “blood in the streets” at the Democratic Convention. How can anyone support such a disgusting sentiment? How can anyone consider themselves patriotic when they want to see their fellow Americans suffer physical harm?

So, I am proposing the following plan of counter-attack. Today I listened to Limbaugh’s entire show (I may have to seek psychiatric counseling to help me recover from the adverse effects) and made a list of every company that advertised on the show (see below). I personally vow that I will not do business with any of these companies for a period of at least one year from today.

I ask anyone who feels the way I do to send an e-mail to letting me know that you’re joining me. (I will contact all of the advertisers and let them know how many people have taken the pledge. Also, I will be making convenient wallet-sized cards listing all of the below-listed companies in order to facilitate the keeping of the pledge. Anyone who would like such a card can simply e-mail their mailing address to the above address, and I will send them one free-of-charge.) I furthermore encourage anyone who wants to join me in “Operation Anti-Chaos” to forward this posting to everyone they know and suggest that they do likewise.

If Limbaugh is willing to compromise the basis of our whole system of government in order to promote his own selfish agenda, the most patriotic thing we can do is to make sure that those who support his efforts suffer the consequences where it really matters – in their wallets.

Advertisers (national):

General Motors/Chevrolet
Wells Fargo
AT&T Wireless
John Deere
Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Mutual Fund Store
Blue Bell Ice Cream
Credit Answers
Lennox Financial (mortgage broker)
Allen Brothers (mail-order meat company) (online gold buyer) (sleep apnea treatment)
The Scooter Store (senior mobility products)
Audibel (hearing aids)
Super-C (vitamin supplement)
Ameal BP (blood pressure supplement)
Lifelock (identity theft protection)
Lear Financial (gold investments)
TV Ears (hearing aids) (diet plan website)
Laser Shield (home security systems) (PC data recovery)

Advertisers (local to Tennessee area):

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
Northern Tool & Equipment
East Tennessee Equipment Co.
Farm Bureau Insurance
Hair Restoration Center of Knoxville
General Steel
Lifetime Kia of Morristown
Firehouse Subs
Johnson Bible College
Sea Ray of Knoxville
Newport Tire & Service Center
Huntington Learning Center
The Tennessee Lottery


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  1. You are an idiot. You are whats wrong with America. America at the core is conservative and capitalistic. Thats exactly why we are the greatest nation in the world. We are not liberal or leftist or socialist. Please do yourself a favor and move to France.

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