Countdown: Giving up golf + McCain’s Four Year Fantasy + Bush + O’Reilly Body Language

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May 15, 2008

World’s Worst – Boehner, Salter, McInerney

On fighting terror, Retired General Thomas McInerney suggested that the Bush administration “start a tit-for-tat strategy.” The rest of his statement seems to suggest that America go into the terrorism business.

Bushed! War Profiteering

The Pentagon allows its contractors to negotiate their own insurance contracts, billed to tax payers at cost-plus (three percent goes to the contractor). So a contractor can wind up making more on the insurance deal than its employees can get in insurance payments. Profits on this could reach $600 million.


Paul Rieckhoff Interview

Keith talks to Paul Rieckhoff about Bush’s statements on sacrifice and giving up golf, which he didn’t actually do, to show he cares about the troops.

McCain’s Four Year Fantasy

Keith gives us his take on the speech John McCain gave in Ohio today.


O’Reilly Body Language Review

Keith has a “Body Language Expert” Review Bill O’s meltdown at Inside Edition.


Rachel Maddow on Bush’s Appeasement Charge

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Bush Addressing Israeli Parliament + Bush Compares Obama To Hitler Appeasers

Bush Middle East trip highlights crisis of US policy