Don’t Bomb Iran (video)

Dandelion Salad

May 15, 2008

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Planned US Israeli Attack on Iran: Will there be a War against Iran?

12 thoughts on “Don’t Bomb Iran (video)

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  2. TRM, your ‘question’ is based on seeking a response on a completely hypothetical situation which based on some highly dubious presuppositions. What on earth is the point of asking a question like that except as a device to skew the argument? Did you really think that it wouldn’t be completely obvious what you are trying to do?

    Do you actually know anything at all about Iran and it’s history?

  3. Nevermind, I already know your answer…
    let’s try this scenario

    Obama wins, pulls troops out of Iraq and Africa, etc,, and goes and talks to achmoonijihad… let them have nukes, the whole nine…

    then they bomb Israel or another ally//… then what? You’ll realize then we should have dealt with these crazies long ago is my guess… I don’t think its a good chance to take…

  4. Okay, let me try to put this another way. We find evidence that Iran’s government is actively provided money, training and weapons to attack our interest.

    I guess Iran never openly states its intent to wipe Israel and the US from the planet?

  5. TRM, like Paul stated, Iran hasn’t attacked anyone and isn’t likely to do so. The US on the other hand certainly has invaded and occupied other countries!

    The “Left” does NOT hate Amerika, au contraire.

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  7. Iran attacks us or an ally again?

    Iran has never attacked the US despite numerous provocations including the overthrow of a democratically elected Prime Minister. Indeed, it hasn’t attacked any country for centuries. The gullibility and wilful ignorance of some Americans is truly frightening.

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  9. Hey Dandelion, Nicely crafted video. I never get an answer to this one but say we have these unconditional talks and Iran attacks us or an ally again… then what?

    You can’t reason with the unreasonable…

    America is the greatest Republic on earth, I only wish the left didn’t hate her so much.

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