Obama Responds to Bush and McCain Foreign Policy Attacks

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May 16, 2008

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McCain Madness: Adviser ousted in conflict uproar + Hamas (video)

Bush committed political treason today + Bush attacks Obama + Matthews Tears Up Kevin James

Countdown: Giving up golf + McCain’s Four Year Fantasy + Bush + O’Reilly Body Language

Bush Addressing Israeli Parliament + Bush Compares Obama To Hitler Appeasers

5,000 Sign Petition Supporting Dialogue with Hamas (action alert)

8 thoughts on “Obama Responds to Bush and McCain Foreign Policy Attacks

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  2. Obama talks the same foreign policy crap as all the others, but this video shows that he’s just pissed off that Bush attacked him in front of the Israelis, whose lobby feeds money into Obama’s campaign and whose money could just dry up if the lobby is convinced they should put their money on another horse. Politics is such dirty business, no one can be taken at face value.

  3. Great speech by Obama. He can run circles around Bush any day of the week because he actually has a brain, his words are always rational, well though-out, and make good sense. He is a very logical and intelligent man. He will make a good president, as long as he finds the courage to express his own true beliefs instead of those around him…. Get TOUGH, Obama! (I actually wrote to him and told him that! 🙂

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