Translating McCain: Quotes from Wake Forest University

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Supreme Court Justices:

What he said:

“Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito… would serve as the model for my own nominees.”

What he means:

“George Bush gave you two ultra-conservative Justices with lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. And I supported him every step of the way.” These justices wrote or supported rulings that: * cut back on federal laws that protect our water from pollution * denied equal pay to a factory worker who had been paid less than men doing the same job * restricted women’s ability to make their own reproductive health decisions * allowed schools to restrict students’ speech, even when they weren’t on campus * made it harder for school districts to promote racial diversity in their schools

The Founding Fathers:

What he said:

“Always hanging in the air over these tense confirmation battles is the suspicion that maybe, just maybe, a nominee for the Court will dare to be faithful to the clear intentions of the framers and to the actual meaning of the Constitution.”

What he means:

“I support judges who’ll do what the far right-wing of my party wants them to do.”

Judicial Activism:

What he said:

“…these abuses by the courts fall under the heading of “judicial activism…”

What he means:

“I support judges who will bring their own conservative agenda to the courts, and impose it no matter what a fair reading of the Constitution and our laws require.”

Judicial Restraint:

What he said:

“I will look for accomplished men and women with a proven record of excellence in the law, and a proven commitment to judicial restraint.”

What he means:

“The judges I support will sit on their hands when it comes to any conservative laws, regulations, or precedents they come across, but will knock down any progressive law they find.”

Legislating from the bench:

What he said:

“The moral authority of our judiciary depends on judicial self-restraint, but this authority quickly vanishes when a court presumes to make law instead of apply it.”

What he means:

“I support conservative nominees who as judges won’t lift a finger to stand up for the rights of ordinary people or open the courthouse door to all Americans, but who will be quick to strike down massive portions of the Clean Water Act, school desegregation programs, consumer protections, or equal pay laws because they feel like it.”

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  6. McCain also mentioned eminent domain, but unfortunately he claimed that the Fifth Amendment bars the government from taking private property for public use and that the Supreme Court has ignored that provision. In fact, Amendment V mandates that the government give due compensation when it takes private property. His campaign scrubbed the remark from the transcript of the speech and edited it out of the video on his Web site.

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