Dennis Kucinich: Economy and the Iraq War

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Kucinich Must Get Time From Repubs to Debate Iraq Funding

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3 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: Economy and the Iraq War

  1. Dennis tells it like it is; however, he is part of the problem because he is locked into the two-party system. Nothing can be effectively changed until the system itself is changed. That involves the people claiming a right to initiative and referendum.

  2. If the neo-right even remains competitive after all we’ve been through, then something is seriously askew in the minds of americans.

    Perhaps it’s that while Iraq burned, people were comfortable, concerned only with their I-Pods and consumerism, shielded from the effects of their national crimes.

    Gas prices: Europe was paying these prices all along. We had a free ride on the back of a non-replenishable resource, literally.

    Home prices: It was a speculative bubble, they’re still priced way too high. It was too fast a rise to be real. The consequences of a free-market ‘policing itself’ is inevitably the crushing of the middle class.

    But this is exactly what these people believe in (‘what’s the matter with Kansas’). The people who vote are largely lock-step behind the cultist gambling addicted disease of rampant market-based speculation and fat-cat fantasies (but still go to mega-church on Sundays).

    In order for that fantasy to exist, they needed to sign away their soul to the myth of trickle-up economics.
    It’s an addiction, but one which every americon cultural influence everywhere reinforces with every perceptive experience.

    When we start having soup-lines again for the middle-class, then I’ll start worrying about americans.

    Maybe it all needs to be taken away.
    Maybe the US ‘standard of living’ needs to be thoroughly wiped out, people need to be poor, they need an ascetic, astringent cleansing. Imagine: we could have soulful acoustic music again, Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie, and campfires and Waltzing Matilda… (But then the only way out of that was WW2).

    Rousing Union Speech nevertheless… The man shoulda been president.

    So what ever happened to the 90-count indictment of Bush?

  3. This is why we like Dennis he says it as it is no punches pulled just as the old drag net tv show line said “just the facts mam”
    The republicans complain the democrats bring up class warfare ..WELL I GOT NEWS FOR THE REPUBS WE KNOW YOU PRACTICE CLASS WARFARE AGAINST US! and if we all get out and vote they wont win!

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