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A stove powered by the sun is making a big difference in impoverished countries.

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Mr. Grandinetti’s oven can be made for about $21 dollars and here’s the kicker: he is giving it away. He doesn’t want to sell the plans, he wants a company to take it and mass produce it for third world countries so that forests won’t need to be cut down for things like cooking fires. A noble idea indeed. It will be interesting to see if any company, anywhere steps up and takes him up on his offer.

John Grandinetti is a solar contractor out of Honolulu, and the owner of Grand Solar Inc. This isn’t his first foray into the solar cooking/pasteurization field. He also has created similar devices for the purpose of pasteurizing water in the late 90’s for third world installations in Tanzania and Guatemala.


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4 thoughts on “Solar Cooking (video)

  1. Solar ovens have been around for centuries. They have been of great help in the Darfur refugee camps, where they have saved refugees from risking their lives outside the relative security of the camp to gather wood for cooking.

  2. hey far out…i did not watch the video because on dial up it takes forever to play…

    but i have also designed a solar desalinator/purifier…the problem with the old style was there was not enough production from them by sun alone to make a lot of water….no more than enough for one person a day…

    but i found…”magnification”…does wonders to speed up the process…

    and the solar oven is great and has been arond for a while, cheap to make, last forever if taken care of and works like a charm…for realll…it is fast, easy, and requires nothing but light….even on overcast days, if properly designed they will work great…

    also a reflecting solar grill works outstandingly…as long as the reflection is concentrated properly…cooks a burger in less than ten minutes and can reach over 400 degrees….

    haiti would truly benefit from this inventions, but getting the people to use them takes some effort from what certain missionaries who have tried to get them to said…

    it will take gov. sponsored and endorsed education programs before most will trust them(solar invetniuons) enough to use them….they say…

    i think that is all the more reason to push forward with the idea…

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