Holy warriors in the US armed forces

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Separation of church and state being dissolved within the military.


Jesus Christ, Revolution and Socialism (subtitled)

Cannon Fodder For The Rapture – The Children of Palestine Israel

Bill Moyers Journal: The GOP’s Nominee + Christians United For Israel (CUFI)

The War Against Tolerance By Chris Hedges

7 thoughts on “Holy warriors in the US armed forces

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  7. The separation of church and state simply states that the government can not make any law that would impose one religion over another.

    The first amendment is clear, there should not be any law to prohibit a person’s free expression of his religion.

    Forbidding our troops from witnessing to others is a clear violation of our first amendment rights regarding freedom of religion and speech.

    I don’t understand why people cannot except that evangelism is a natural outworking of any worldview, nevermind religion.

    Humanism is recognized by the supreme court as a religion, yet politicians commonly run their elections based on its doctrines and nobody says anything.

    If this lawsuit succeeds, then it is a serious blow to our individual liberties and rights as Americans. The fascist humanists will have legally eliminated any serious opposition to their agendas, and then the arrests will begin.

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