Countdown: McCain’s Lobbyist Purge + KY & OR + Clarifies ‘Cold Blooded Killers’ Comment

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May 19, 2008

KO on McCain’s Lobbyist Purge

Radio talk show host Rachel Maddow discusses Sen. John McCain’s purge of at least four staffers after their lobbying activities came to light. Could this lead to more staff purges in the future?

KO – Looking Toward KY & OR Primaries

Looking towards Kentucky and Oregon
May 19: Newsweek’s Howard Fineman takes a look at the Kentucky and Oregon primaries, as well as Sen. Hillary Clinton’s refusal to leave the race.

World’s Worst – Kristol, Limbaugh, North

On Fox News, Oliver North commended John McCain for saying “You cannot have these kinds of unconditional, no preconditions discussions, with despots and dictators” This was THE Oliver North from the Iran-Contra scandal.

KO Clarifies ‘Cold Blooded Killers’ Comment

Clarifying the ‘Special Comment’
May 19: An addendum to Thursday’s Special Comment: Keith Olbermann clarifies his use of the words “cold-blooded killers.” He was referring to “former and current members of Mr. Bush’s administration and the Pentagon who so irresponsibly unleashed the hounds of war.” Why would right-wing commentators even think he meant U.S. troops?

KO on the White House Complaint of NBC News

The White House complained about Pres. Bush’s interview with NBC’s Richard Engel. In a letter, they accused NBC News of running a “deceptively edited version” on the TODAY Show and Nightly News. Keith Olbermann dissects the interview, problematic by his standards whether in full or excerpted.


John McCain’s Lobbyists

McCain Lobbyist Scandal Explodes (links)

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McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

Translating McCain: Quotes from Wake Forest University

McCain Madness: Adviser ousted in conflict uproar + Hamas (video)

Bush Speech, World Economic Forum, Egypt

The Homeland by Guadamour

Bush Addressing Israeli Parliament + Bush Compares Obama To Hitler Appeasers + Kerry & Biden

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