Fox Business Interviews Ron Paul on Fed. Reserve 05.13.08

Dandelion Salad


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2 thoughts on “Fox Business Interviews Ron Paul on Fed. Reserve 05.13.08

  1. Dandi,
    an after thought, the money based upon trust debt.
    Ok, how’s this work for the average Jane, and john doe citizen.
    If in-debt, hows this help them ?
    We know how it helps corporation’s on welfare, bail-outs, the Middle tax-payer’s get no relief, only debt past on.
    Defeat debt consumerism, true slavery, re-born, feed yourselves, after you pay dem taxes, and Credit bills!

    Evict blah, blah, blah….
    remove the corporate yokes.

  2. Dandi,
    David the illusion is over, the counter-feit money is no longer desireable, around the world.
    $4.00 a gal =’s $0.40 cents, wakey wakey this is not a drill. That paper is only worht 10% of the face value.
    The paper is hallow,
    our trust, is shallow.

    Evict all Corporate Incumbents in ’08,
    De-thrown these incompetant flatuates.

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