John McCain’s Lobbyists

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by Jason Rosenbaum
May 19, 2008

Senator John McCain has 118 lobbyists either working or raising money for him. So far, only three of them have resigned:

Eric Robert Burgeson

Douglas B. Davenport

Thomas Loeffler

The remaining 115 make millions working for special interests in Washington. They represent all kinds of industries like health care, Big Pharma, defense contractors, and telecom. They represent foreign regimes like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Burma. And they are some of Senator McCain’s closest advisors.



Progressive Media USA helps Senator McCin Advisors fill out their lobbyist disclosure forms
May 16, 2008

In the wake of the resignations of two McCain associates who had lobbied for the oppressive regime of Myanmar, Senator McCain’s staff has now been asked to fill out a questionnaire disclosing their lobbying activities. Progressive Media USA decided to help Senator McCin Advisors fill out their lobbysit disclosure forms.

NAME: Charlie Black

Senior Political Adviser

Have you ever registered as a federal lobbyist?


Have you ever been a registered foreign agent?


Please list all of the foreign governments, political and other interests you lobbied for:

Jonas Savimbi (leader of UNITA rebels in Angola)
Stepan Matirosyan (Armenia)
News Corp. (Australia)
Government of the Bahamas
Government of the Barbados
Government of Bermuda
Horsahm (Canada)
Nordion International (Canada)
Forest Product Association of Canada
Chinese National Off-Shore Oil Corporation
Noemi Sanin (Colombia)
Institute for Financial and Fiscal Studies of Curacao
Government of Cyprus
Government of the Republic of Djibouti
Government of the Dominican Republic
Government of Ecuador
Government of El Salvador
Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (El Salvador)
Government of Equatorial Guinea
Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. (Great Britain)
National Convention for Reconstruction and Development (Great Britain)
Government of Greece
Government of Haiti
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq
Vittoria Consultants (Isle of Man)
Magal Security Systems Ltd. (Israel)
Fiat Ferroviaria (Italy)
Eitaro Itoyama (Japan)
Government of Kenya
Intercultural Association of Korea
Korea Silo Company, Ltd.
Adcom Group (Lebanon)
Government of Liberia
Maldives Democratic Party
Government of Nigeria
His Excellency Ibrahim Sarninu Turaki, Governor, Jigawa State, Nigeria
Minpeco U.S.A. Inc. (Peru)
Government of Peru
Union for National Action (Philippines)
Chamber of Philippine Manufacturers, Exporters & Tourism
League of Leaders for Philippine Development
Luso American Foundation for International Relations (Portugal)
Russian Information Agency
Government of Somalia
Government of St. Lucia
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U.S. (Taiwan / China)
Government of the Republic of Togo
Agency for Humanitarian Technologies (Ukraine)
Government of Zaire

Please list any clients you think could potentially cause a conflict of interest for the McCain Campaign:

Yukos Oil
Philip Morris
JP Morgan
Johnson & Johnson
United Technologies
Washington Mutual Bank
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco
Occidental Petroleum Group
Lincoln Group
Lockheed Martin
National Association of Mortgage Brokers
Ocean Duke Corp.
SAP America

Please list the times you have lobbied Senator McCain or his office:



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