Q&A with Don Siegelman: I think this will make Watergate look like child’s play

Dandelion Salad

By Markeshia Ricks
Capitol Correspondent

BIRMINGHAM — Almost two months after being released from a federal prison in Oakdale, La., former Gov. Don Siegelman looks noticeably healthier.

The ghostly pallor and thinness that seemed to cling to him when he was released is all but gone.

Rove was to respond to a request by Conyers to testify under oath before the committee, but failed to answer by the May 12 deadline.

“He of course let that deadline come and pass without agreeing to testify,” Siegelman said. “At some point … they will deal with the issue of whether or not to subpoena Karl Rove.”

The Star: Why do you believe Rove hasn’t agreed to testify under oath?

Siegelman: He doesn’t want to run the risk of lying under oath and being prosecuted for perjury.


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