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by Guadamour
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May 19, 2008

There has always been something about “Homeland” that has deeply disturbed and bothered me.

The United States has always been referred to as a nation or a Republic, a Representative “Democracy” of the people never as a homeland.

Europe has always used terms like Mother Russia or Father Germany. The fatherland or motherland or a sovereign state. Never was a country referred to as a homeland.

That is until Nationalist Socialist Republic of Adolf Hitler’s Germany. He started calling Germany a homeland in 1937. Of course, Hitler was certifiably insane and was an Austrian by birth.

Hitler couldn’t be bothered by appeasement and invaded Poland and every other country around Germany.

George W. Bush can’t be bothered with “Appeasement” with Iran.

This is the man whose Supreme Court appointed regime created a Department of Homeland Security, and started calling the United States of America a “Homeland.”

This is the same President whose grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush was involved in financing Nazi Germany even up to the time that the United States went to war against that country. Senator Bush didn’t go to war as countless Americans did.

And President Bush didn’t go to fight in Vietnam as countless Americans did, but he did go to war, but not himself, against Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s content to send others to fight wars, but it is something he never did himself.

Meanwhile the Carlyle Group which the Bush family has a major stake in makes a killing on the current wars, just as his grandfather made a killing off of World War II by financing the Nazis.

How much of this crime family sucking off the life blood of Americans can the people of the Republic of The United States of America stand?


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