War Without End: 2005

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


In the second part of Al Jazeera’s year by year focus on the events and the policies that helped shape Iraq and the current chaos in the country, we look at 2005 – the year the trial began of former leader Saddam Hussein. AlJazeeraEnglish



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  3. One day, before I die I hope, the American people, and the people of the world will see to it that this disgrace of a man George Walker Bush, and all those who follow his lead or lead him by his nose, will be judged by a group of their peers and in the International Court, in the Hague.

    I can only hope that, I, as an American, will not have to suffer, like those on September 11th 2001 did, along with many others on the face of the earth, for the behaviors of this disgrace of a government we call the United States of America.

    The Founders of “America” were not perfect, far from it indeed, but they did have a vision, reflective on their experience living under a controlling government.

    They knew that this “experiment”, as some of them referred to it as, was just that, and experiment, which may or may not succeed.

    Throughout our country’s young life, (only speaking of the time known as the “Age of Revolutions” the 1770s to the present, not including the 1490s to the early 1770s), many people, even some Founders, tried to take away the “rights” of the people of America, hence the Bill of Rights was ratified in the state Constitutions starting in 1789, and not until 1791 in the Federal government of the United States, making it the “Law of the Land” as it is understood to this day.

    In 1781, after warring with the British, and winning with the help from France, a treaty granted the United States, (known as “colonies” at that time), became known as ‘The United States of America.

    When Britain attacked America, burning down the White House and the Library of Congress, in “The War of 1812”, (the actual burning thought to be in 1814), it was the politicians at that time that decided to get together to make the existence of the United States, and it’s relations with Britain, run more smoothly.

    Since that time, the United States has become the most aggressive imperialist nation.

    A nation, that at one time, only desired its freedom from control, now wants to control the world.

    Guising this as a way to keep the United States a safe place from those who despise us, the United States government has only created more and more people, who want to harm us, get revenge on us and to stop us from invading and controlling their country and their very lives they live.

    The United States government is not only the largest terrorist organization on the face of the planet, having at least 700 documented military bases scattered all over the globe, it is the very enemy of the American people who pay for them to wage war, invade countries, repress people and to take away their own freedoms…the ones the Founders felt were what a man, (including all humans in this day and age) needed to have to be happy in his life, to achieve his goals and to have his community benefit from his hard work.

    Without these freedoms, a human is nothing more than a prisoner of the government.

    This is what the American people have become.

    Most of us thought it was only countries like Germany that would allow a man like Hitler to get into power and do the things he did, that is what we were taught.

    Now we know.

    It doesn’t matter what country you live in, if the people of that country allow their politicians to have control, they will have none left.

    Welcome to America!

    Corey Mondello
    Boston, Massachusetts

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