One Nation Under A Groove: Guardian Angel

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By Jasmin L. Chari


Indie/Nordic-Bollywood-Soul, Power-Pop

Excellent album, huge talent, unique voice and a new era of music is born!

Finally the long awaited debut-album “Guardian Angel” by the Danish band One Nation Under A Groove is finished! Every single track on this beautiful release is a musical masterpiece and a mixture of Indian music, Soul and Hip Hop, composed mainly by Henrik Andersen and produced by Morten Buschman and Flemming Pedersen. One Nation Under A Groove represents with their music a new pop sound! The musician Henrik Andersen is an brilliant artist with a unique voice and konnakol/human beat box-vocals, which makes his singing so special! This album contains 12 tracks and starts with one of my favourite songs, the funky pop-Soul number “Guardian Angel”, which spreads joy and happiness – and makes you just feel good! This song begins with the lyrics: “When I grew up – I lived in my world of fantasy” and I am very convinced of the fact that Henrik Andersen must own a lot of imagination to write such fantastic lyrics and melodies. The next song “(You Need) Music” is another track I really like. It is wonderful dedication of a big passion: MUSIC! In this song Henrik Andersen reflects the question of the sense of life in a philosophical way and he tries to find the answer in music: “We would be lost in this world without music, let´s come together and sing a song. Music can heal us and make a strong.”

I agree, because where words cannot be expressed any more, music can still be a bridge to express deep emotions and can help you through bad times – or bring people together! Besides groovy funky songs as “Keep The Groove” or “One Nation” there are also romantic and pensive ballads, as for example “Hold On To Me”, a wonderful song with piano or meditative melodies as the track number 6 “Blueberry Heaven”. This album is very vaired and offers a lot of important values as: spirituality, love and joy of life and explains: how important music is! One thing is for sure: with the Danish band One Nation Under A Groove is a new era of music is born!


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