Turkish Ambassador to U.S. Calls Iran “a threat to Turkey as well as to the U.S.”

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excerpt from ‘Turkish Ambassador to U.S. Calls Iran “a threat to Turkey as well as to the U.S.” ‘

by Andrew Cochran, Counterterrorism Blog, 19 May 2008

Anyone wondering whether the threat posed by Iran is “tiny” or substantial should ponder what the Ambassador from Turkey to the U.S. said today at our panel on the Turkey-U.S. relationship. Ambassador Nahi Sensoy said that Iran has run “clandestine (nuclear) programs for more than two decades,” and those programs are “a threat to Turkey as well as to the U.S.” Granted, Turkey’s method of dealing with that threat includes diplomatic engagement with Iran – the two have not been at war with each other since 1639 – but the Turkish government clearly recognizes that the size of ran’s military is not of critical importance in the age of asymmetric warfare.



excerpt from:

‘Remarks by Ambassador Gregory L. Schulte’

U.S. Permanent Representative to the IAEA and the UN Office in Vienna

Economic Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), Ankara, Turkey April 29, 2008

United States and Turkey: Strategic Allies for Global Challenges

Iran has deployed and regularly exercises the Shahab-3 ballistic missile, which has a range of 1300 kilometers. It has claimed that it now has a missile with a range of about 2000 kilometers and that it is developing a missile of even longer range. The deployed Shahab-3 could strike most of Turkey and the Middle East, and the longer-range missiles would reach deeper into Europe.


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Bush Speech, World Economic Forum, Egypt

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