Karl Rove Subpoenaed by Congress! AGAIN! (video)

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May 22, 2008
CNN Wolf Blitzer


Countdown: McCain’s Lobbyist + Pastor Problems + Rove

Karl Rove’s pundit problem by Eric Boehlert

Q&A with Don Siegelman: I think this will make Watergate look like child’s play

Tell Congress: Arrest Karl Rove



3 thoughts on “Karl Rove Subpoenaed by Congress! AGAIN! (video)

  1. I’m still waiting for Rove to be INDICTED, and scan the pages of Truthout for Jason Leopold to finally be vindicated!

    My prediction:
    They will all be pardoned. Nobody will go down. Rove will remain a FOX commentator just as Ollie got a TV show. McBomb will win and pardon & immunize Botch, Rummy & the rest. The USA is a war-criminal, corrupt organization and all its gains are ill-gotten.

    This is more posturing by the neutered CONyers (like he’s gonna arrest Rove? Braah-ha-ha! Conyers is a co-conspirator, I believe nothing he says).

    Nobody should be proud to be a citizen of the USA after what we let Rove and his club do, and the fact that they still do it, with no resistance, no dissent, thumbing their noses at justice as they rightfully feel they can get away with.

    The precedent is now set. Corruption and unapologetic war-crimes are now irrevocably the rule.

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