Ray McGovern: Admiral Fallon Should Speak Out + Can Fallon Prevent WWIII? (videos)

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Ronald Reagan’s CIA briefer Ray McGovern encourages the recently dumped CENTCOM Commander Admiral Fallon to not make mistake that Gen. Anthony Zini did and work now to prevent war with Iran.


Can Admiral William Fallon Prevent World War Three?


Excerpts of an urgent letter from former CIA analyst and prominent anti-war activist Ray McGovern, to Admiral William Fallon, former Middle East Commander, who was forced to retire earlier this year as a result of his public opposition to an invasion of Iran.

Read the letter in its entirety here:

An Appeal to Admiral Fallon on Iran By Ray McGovern

Side note: Search You Tube for “McGovern Rumsfeld” for video of Ray’s public dismantling of the former defense secretary’s lies regarding Iraq, at a Rumsfeld speech in 2006…


An Appeal to Admiral Fallon on Iran By Ray McGovern

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