Rod Parsley on Hate Crimes Law + McCain’s Straight Talk on John Hagee (videos)

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Added: September 14, 2007
Rod Parsley discusses the proposed hate crimes law, claiming falsely that it would ban speech, religious expression, or even thought. “The next person charged with a crime could be me, or your pastor, or your grandmother, or maybe YOU.” Breakthrough, 9/14/07

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John Hagee “Church Of America” (1 of 3)


Added: November 01, 2007
John Hagee talks about the Church of America…

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Parts 2 and 3:


McCain’s Straight Talk on John Hagee


May 22, 2008

John McCain on ABC’s This Week, April 20, 2008

McCain: A Respectful Disagreement?


On Ellen Degeneres’ show John McCain said he has a respectful disagreement with her over the issue of gay marriage. But two of his supporters, John Hagee and Rod Parsley (whom McCain has referred to as a “spiritual advisor”), are two of the most outspoken agents of intolerance in America, spouting vicious homophobic rants on a weekly basis. And make no mistake: McCain actively sought their endorsements.

John McCain’s embrace of these men does not indicate a “respectful disagreement.”