Countdown: Special Comment + Clinton Assassination Comment

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Clinton, you invoked a political nightmare



Hillary Clinton Assassination Comment Kennedy Obama Shocking

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Hillary Clinton’s comment on assassinating a candidate as an issue in the election. She even surprises herself as you can see she stumbles after saying it and proceeds to talk/laugh nervously thereafter. Probably said to herself ‘Gee, did I just SAY that, I was only thinking it…’

Hillary has gone off the edge. Can you say ‘sociopath?’

If the ‘Super’Delegates don’t come out immediately after that, someone needs to generate a list of these ‘informed’ politicians and make sure they are not re-elected. They will have shown they have NO REGARD for the Democratic Party, and have nothing but themselves at interest.

People have been very patient up until now, but when Hillary Clinton does and says THIS, she has finally shown her true colors – and her lack of dignity and tact… the beast emerges.

SHOW YOURSELVES SUPER DELEGATES or show your OWN true colors – or may God have mercy on your political Souls.


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5 thoughts on “Countdown: Special Comment + Clinton Assassination Comment

  1. Olbermann became a parody of himself a long time ago. He’s a misogynist jerk with a booming voice – like his idol. MSNBC has led the campaign to destroy Hillary Clinton. It’s an endless source of free propaganda pushing the divisive strategies of the Obama campaign.

    The efforts to make what Clinton said about Robert Kennedy into a wish for Obama to be assassinated is beyond the pale. It’s a warped collective sentiment rooted in a profound and sexist hatred for Hillary Clinton and strong women like her.

    For months Obama followers and the establishment media have been using the image of the femme fatale, of Lady MacBeth, to turn Clinton into the epitome of evil. Perhaps the most outrageous manifestation of this to date is this twisted idea that she wants Obama dead.

    It isn’t just the RFK thing. I had a colleague tell me that he was hearing from people that, if Obama made Clinton vice president, he would need a food taster. Sick stuff.

    Did Gore want Bill Clinton dead? Did Dick Cheney want George W. Bush dead? Nobody would think of saying that. It would sound patently ridiculous. But a strong woman seeks high office and she is capable of the most wicked things. We were told in the 1990s that she murdered Vince Foster. Remember that? Yep. She shot him dead and dragged him to the park.

    There’s one reason why this obscene patriarchal propaganda works: Hillary Clinton is an outspoken and strong woman, attributes that contradict the image of ideal womanhood and disrupt the system of male domination.

    There are so many reasons why Obama is wrong for America, but this business of Obama pushing this issue is by itself sufficient to make him unacceptable as candidate for the Democratic Party.

    He’s sexist, and his followers have exchanged any pretense they had in advancing feminism for membership in a cult of personality.

  2. As always, Mr Olbermann speaks with great eloquence and fervor, not leaving any detail behind, I just pray….Would someone PLEASE get this woman off the lime-line….ENOUGH IS MORE THAN ENOUGH..
    Mr. Olbermann, you are one man I sincerely admire.
    I love the passion by which you express your thought and beliefs.
    Mrs. Clinton has felt so free to rag on Mr. Obama( every association he comes in contact with), how come NOBODY has brought up the fact that Mrs. Clinton is totally involved and is a High Priest W.

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  4. Tonight’s was one of the great oratories of the moment — Keitho carves a wooden spike throughout the show, and in his ‘comment’ drives it through Hillary’s heart –syllable by syllable… ( almost actually felt sorta bad for hillary~)

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