Fear of Islam hurts Obama in Kentucky (video)

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News release sent to me from: The REAL News Network website

Fear of Islam hurts Obama in Kentucky

Rural voters swayed by campaign to brand Obama “un-American”

May 23 – In an election where Clinton won by 35% of the vote, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama was faced with voters’ grave concerns over his ties to Islam, and exit polls showing that race played a larger role in Kentucky than in previous states. One out of five voters said race was a factor for them, and of those, 88% voted for Hillary Clinton.

Talking to The Real News Network’s Matt Palevsky, some Kentuckians say it is the uncertainty of his background and unreadiness for a black president that has them not only supporting Clinton, but unwilling to stand behind Obama if he were to be the Democratic nominee. One man refers to Obama’s pre-dominantly black church as “un-American”, and another asserts that one “can’t be a good American and be a Muslim. If he is a Muslim, he can’t be a good American.” Some say there is especially hesitation towards his “hidden” belief system due to the turmoil the country has faced post-9/11.

One Clinton supporter not only admits race is effecting his vote, but points out that the race issue is a factor for supporters of both candidates, with 90% of blacks voting for Obama.

Watch the full piece on The Real News Network: http://therealnews.com/t/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=1546&updaterx=2008-05-23+00%3A17%3A34

(Also available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CnJ6UuIJb4)



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One thought on “Fear of Islam hurts Obama in Kentucky (video)

  1. Gee, Why was Kentucky singled out? As if I had to ask. When you’ve watched these bozos bash your region as long as I have you learn all their little tricks (like the token shot of the “Confederate flag”.)

    I wonder if these people realise that Virginia and Louisiana elected America’s first Black and Indian governors?

    Douglas Wilder and Bobby Jindal

    As for the ignorant comments made by these people,

    As one woman said on Washington Journal there should be a test for voters to see if they understand why they are voting for their particular candidate.

    She said she ask two friends why they are voting for Hillary Clinton and both simply said “because she’s a woman.”

    The lady on the phone then said “they don’t even know why they are voting for her. We need to do something because these people (uninformed voters) are hurting us.”

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