US to import Great Wall of China to use on Mexican border (satire)


by R J Shulman
Dandelion Salad
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May 24, 2008

WASHINGTON – As further evidence that American manufacturing and construction jobs are headed overseas, the Bush administration announced today that the wall between the United States and Mexico will be imported from China. “Having Mexicans build a wall to keep themselves out made no sense,” said Will Graybar, an Administration spokesman, “so we jumped at the offer of the Chinese who’ve integrated all peoples into their society and have no need for a wall to separate folks like we do here in the US.”

The placement of the 1,969 mile section of the Great Wall between Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Mexico should be completed by August 2010. “The Chinese are sensitive to our budgetary problems,” said Gord Wilkins of the General Accounting Office, “so they are supplying cheap Chinese prison labor and will freshen up the wall with a new coat of lead paint.”

“Even the enviro-fascist tree hugging killers should love this wall,” said President Bush, “as we are using recycled materials.” “It’s too bad we didn’t act in time to grab the iron curtain before that fell,” said Vice President Dick Cheney, “as we could really use it now to separate dastardly domestic terrorists and homegrown enemy combatants from the rest of us hard working white Americans.”

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