Karl Rove on being Subpoenaed by Congress (vids)

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The second video is the same as my previous post: Rove’s Non-Denial on Siegelman (video)


May 25, 2008
ABC This Week


Rove’s Non-Denial on Siegelman (video)

3 thoughts on “Karl Rove on being Subpoenaed by Congress (vids)

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  2. If Rove ‘Says’ it, it’s got to be true.

    He learned about it in the newspaper, it’s in the courts, it will be settled by the courts, nothing will happen, Rove gets away with offering un-sworn testimony (as in ‘let’s sit down and talk about it’) and that’s supposed to be good-faith.

    Rove should have gone down over Plame-Wilson, he didn’t, won’t, and you know what else?

    The People JUST DON’T CARE!

    Thanks for showing us what an arrogant sleaze this man really is. All the neocons should be jailed, but of course nothing will happen. Conyers is apparently terrified of them, it’s all a bunch of bluster.

    (Sorry, I just got thru watching ‘recount’. It’s the people’s fault the election was so close to begin with. Rove is the least of their problems, it’s the americon complacent corrupt co-conspiracy with criminals that allows these elections and these goons to get in, and do their damage, and then the People & their representatives do nothing about it! Expect nothing from any courts or ‘judiciary committee’, it’s all posturing).

    I so detest politics—so much good could be done with all that authority and revenue, instead we got 8 years of war-crimes, theft and fraud. Where’s the evidence, the Cons will say? Make the Neocons testify under oath and then we’ll see. But nobody seems to care. I mean he lied right there! Saying the phone call never happened, yet the cell-phone records proved it did.
    What a bad joke. What a miserable 8 years. Anyone who can live at peace with all this… as the saying goes: If you’re not OUTRAGED you’re not paying attention!

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