Countdown: Phil Gramm’s Lobbying Activities + McClellan + Fission Expedition

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May 27, 2008

Phil Gramm’s Lobbying Activities

Keith reports on the lastest of McCain’s lobbyist problems. This time it’s Phil Gramm lobbying for the banks during the mortgage crisis while advising the McCain campaign at the same time on its economic policies.

McClellan Throws Bush Under the Bush

Keith reports on the lastst news coming out of The Politico with leaked exerpts from Scott McClellan’s memoir:…

Fission Expedition

Keith talks to Richard Clarke about the lastst information to come out of the IAEA and the current and past US Intelligence failures.


Tonight’s: McSame-Gate, Phoney War on Terror-Gate and Hypocrisy-Gate.


Worst Person

And the winner is….Joe Lieberman. Runners up Liz Trotta and Michelle Malkin.

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