Countdown: Excerpts from McClellan’s Book + Candy-Gramm for McCain

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May 28, 2008

Candy-Gramm for McCain

Keith reports on further revelations on Phil Gramms lobbying activities for UBS. Chris Hayes from The Nation weighs in.

Worst Person

And the winner is…Dunkin’ Donuts. Runners up Bill O’Reilly and Joe Lieberman.


Tonight’s: War Profiteering-Gate, Draft-Gate and Delusions of Grandeur-Gate.

Primary Race Going to the Convention?

Keith reports on the latest news on whether Michigan and Florida will have their delegates seated and whether the primary race is likely to go all the way to the Convention in August. Chuck Todd weighs in.


New Excerpts from Scott McClellan’s Book!


Ex-Press Aide Writes That Bush Misled U.S. on Iraq

Countdown: Phil Gramm’s Lobbying Activities + McClellan + Fission Expedition