Cop Assaults Cameraman For Filming From Across Street KOB

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An Eyewitness News 4 photographer was cuffed and cited Thursday morning for disobeying a police officer. It was a situation where the photographer was trying to do his job.…

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4 thoughts on “Cop Assaults Cameraman For Filming From Across Street KOB

  1. Outrageous, and unfortunately something I’ve seen happen too many times.

    I understand that police have unions and any number of people protecting them and backing them up, but if law enforcement really wants the support of the citizens they’re PAID a lot of MONEY to protect, then they need to start speaking up when things like this happen. I don’t care what that photographer said to that cop, the cop had ill will on his mind as soon as he approached, and I would’ve been scared to death.


  2. “You’re free to do what you’re told!”

    Those exact words came to me while watching this video, Shaine. We live in a police state, free to do as we are told. I’m a photographer who actually does take pics of police in action, stuff like this scares me to death. Gee, in this case, it was a real reporter for a news station. It’s outrageous beyond belief that something like this happened.

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