Iraqi clerics against US bases

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Clerics call for referendum on proposal to indefinitely station US troops in Iraq.

One thought on “Iraqi clerics against US bases

  1. “If he (Grand Ayotollah Ali Al Sistani) were to declare jihad, not a single American would remain in Iraq.”

    “If he declared jihad tomorrow, I would close my shop, bid my family farewell, and go to war.”

    Iraqi citizens on Grand Ayotollah Ali Al Sistani

    Shi’ite Islam is a lo6t like Catholicism. Think of Sistani as “The Pope”. What he says goes for all of his followers who believe he is somewhat “devine”. He’s revered by his followers.

    In regard to The Iraqi ‘governments’ oil deals they should remember that decisions made by a government under military occupation aren’t considered legitimate. Once the occupation ends the people of Iraq will make their own decisions about what to do with their resources.

    P.S. to the people who are planning on staying in Iraq permanantly, it’s not gonna happen just ask the Soviets what happens to empires that wear out their ‘welcome’ in that part of the world.

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