Modern Day Slavery in the Rainforest by Malcolm


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June 2, 2008

Greenpeace, in an extensive report dated April 6, 2006, Eating Up The Amazon (pdf download), exposes the use of slavery by Cargill and Bunge:

“Although Brazil has encouraged major companies to support its anti-slavery efforts by signing the National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor, neither ADM nor Bunge nor Cargill have done so. As Greenpeace documented, this is a failure not only in word, but in deed.”

Environment Network News ran an article Save the Rainforest Banner Raised at Chicago Board of Trade about Bunge, Cargill and ADM, October 11, 2007, and aside from the banner raising demonstration raised the issues of deforestation, slavery and inhuman conditions workers suffer on corporate plantations. ADM responded to calls from ENS, and denied they or any contractors to their business used slave labor, etc.

Bunge and Cargill did not respond to calls.

Rainforest Action Network campaigner Andrea Samulon sums up the situation more recently in a piece post May 23, 2008 Rainforest Action Network: News Article:

“The company continues to buy soy from plantations the Brazil government has blacklisted for using slave labor. Demanding that a public company not use slave labor is the lowest bar investors can set, and Bunge has failed to meet it.”

Get Involved! Go to the Rainforest link above and call your people in Congress.


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