Myanmar faces second wave of deaths + Laputta – Cyclone Nagis (over 18 only)

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Exactly one month ago Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar’s Irrawaddy delta region, leaving more than 130,000 people dead or missing. Now aid workers are fighting to prevent a second disaster caused by disease and malnutrition. Selina Downes reports from Bangkok.


Laputta – Cyclone Nagis (Think twice before watching)


Horrific images taken recently in Laputta, Delta Region of BURMA. The Junta banned journalists so the world wouldn’t see what is really happening. More smuggled footage soon.

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Incredible video footage of Cyclone Nargis

May 27th, 2008

This is 53 minutes of unbelievable video footage taken and edited together by Burmese citizens. The first 6 and a half minutes was filmed during Cyclone Nargis, and the rest was filmed in the days following the cyclone. The areas in the video that have been completely destroyed are Laputta and Bokalay. The final 10 minutes are extremely upsetting, so be warned.


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Updated: Oct. 3, 2014

Orphans of the Storm

Jeremy Williams on Feb 2, 2014

Orphans of the Storm [aka Orphans of Burma’s Cyclone & Eyes of the Storm] was a documentary produced by Quicksilver Media for Channel 4 Dispatches. The film follows the plight of children orphaned by cyclone Nargis, the tropical storm that struck Burma in 2008. Filmed undercover by Democratic Voice of Burma [DVB] cameraman. Directed by Evan Williams & Jeremy Williams, edited by Paul Carlin, music Samuel Sim, executive producer Siobhan Sinnerton. The film won One World Media Children’s Rights Award in 2010 and the Rory Peck Award in 2009 in the UK.

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  1. Very concerning subject indeed, but i really don’t know how u can help a nation that denies every form of assistance just to protect its mediocre military power.

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