The WH Politically Motivated Conviction of Siegelman & Rove’s Role

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June 2, 2008


“Rove’s dream was to recreate the landscape of the judicial system, and to install judges that were either pliable, malleable, and/or very, very pro-corporation. Essentially that is what he did in Alabama in the early Nineties. That is what this is all about. If you control the governor in the states where the justices are not elected, you control who gets on the supreme court. And that’s essentially what this is all about for Rove ultimately. But to get those kinds of things done, you have to eliminate the governor you don’t want and install the governor you do want. There are a lot of corporate interests funding this. So it intersects in that sense. It’s buying the law and restructuring the state judiciary.” — Larisa Alexandrovna

Alexandrovna was born in the Soviet Union and knows a thing or two about people getting framed by the state. So, among her many investigative projects, she became drawn to the plight of one Don Siegelman, the former Democratic governor of Alabama, who became an apparent victim of the DOJ “Prosecutor-Gate.” His sin was protesting an election that appears to have been stolen from him, literally, in the dead of night.

If you think that “Prosecutor-Gate” ended with the resignation of Alberto Gonzales, you are wrong. Siegelman is only out of jail after a lengthy campaign to get him released on bond while his case is on appeal. Karl Rove still is at large and free to bloviate for dollars on the corporate media, while Siegelman has to battle to prove that he is an innocent victim of a DOJ that became a tool of partisan prosecutions.

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One thought on “The WH Politically Motivated Conviction of Siegelman & Rove’s Role

  1. Somebody stop him, he’s exposing the fact that the justice system is completely meaningless.

    We can’t let him show us the truth about exactly what (and what not) his brain-dead middle-americon enlisted goons are fighting for, CAN WE?

    If the idiotic enlistees only knew that the very man who orchestrated the installation of the neocons, who orchestrated this endless (and endlessly profitable) war is teaching us by example that everything the pawns who enlist are fighting for is thoroughly fraudulent, well of course nothing would change…

    Doughbouys and Democrats apparently lack the brain power to comrehend the concept of playing both sides of the amerigoon coin at once. You’d have ta be a Texan to be so poker-faced, and to ridicule the republic for the fun and the money.

    Perhaps it takes an evil genious like Rove to prove domocracy does not exist, votes are purely the maniacle manipulation of masses by manipulators, and justice is a joke.

    Government is a game for Rove. If we don’t see the flaw in the entire system he is teaching us by example, WE are the fools.


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