Hillary Endorses Obama For President (videos)

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Breaking News: Hillary Endorses Obama For President 6-7-08

Hillary Clinton Fully Supports and Endorses Barack Obama For The President Of The United States.



Hillary Clinton Endorsement Speech

Parts 1- 4 of Hillary’s endorsement speech on MSNBC.

3 thoughts on “Hillary Endorses Obama For President (videos)

  1. hillary is a loser and playing her cards right. well only the bankers and the rich , are in charge of who is president. if gov rich officials want obama so be it. it does not matter on votes. mccain will probably win, if not obama will be assassinated. america does not deserve the obama -anti-christ. but if it is written for the usa to have a non-american for president and the devil to be president, so be it.

  2. I guess now we know why Obama’s press team was thrown off course the other night while Obama and Hillary held a secret meeting and most likely attended the Bilderberg’s secret meeting. I wonder where they’re going with this. Maybe she wants to be VP? Like Bush Sr. with Reagan? Looks like a pattern of the same routine.

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