INN World Report: Daniel Estulin + The Bilderberg Group: Secret Society

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Note: Part II doesn’t have any sound. For a more complete interview see: The Bilderberg Group: Rulers of the World (must listen audio link; Daniel Estulin). ~Lo


Added: May 30, 2008
International News Net speaks with the author of “The Truth about the Bilderberg Group”

[no audio on Part 2; will check to see if they’ve replaced this video with another one that works.  Updated: apparently they’ve uploaded another video also without sound.  I’m guessing that they are working at getting one with sound.  ~ Lo]

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6.-8.Juni Meeting The Bilderberg Group: Secret Society


June 06, 2008

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Das Bilderberg Meeting findet diesmal unter strengster Bewachung in Chantilly, USA, statt. Live Berichterstattung:

Eine Geschichte der Bilderberg Gruppe. Eine Geheimgesellschaft, welche allen anderen Geheimgesellschaften diktiert.

A History of the Bilderberg Group The Secret Society of Secret Societies, the one whom dicates to all the others.

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BILDERBERG 2008 Teilnehmer



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BILDERBERG LUMINARIEs are slipping into the Westfields Marriott here in Chantilly, Va., even as I write. They are trotting off private jets at nearby Dulles Airport, jumping into long, black limos and being escorted into their secret meeting to make much mischief.

Much discussion will be devoted to the cost of oil, which Bilderberg manipulates for selfish reasons. They will also devote much time to the housing crunch, food shortages generated by their causing corn to be diverted to ethanol and global economic turmoil. How they can profit from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be overlooked.

Leaders among the international criminal conspiracy are arriving: a frail, aging David Rockefeller, head of Chase Manhattan; his valet, Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state, and Peter Sutherland, chairman of Goldman Sachs International, among others.

Years ago, Bilderberg embraced the “global warming” issue as a means of
using energy policy to generate immense profits and power (these sons of smokestack industrialists have no need for money; there are only so many palatial homes and private islands and jets one can use, but money is power). The energy issue is entangled with the food shortage because of ethanol production, so there will be much intense discussion.

How Bilderberg addresses these issues will affect every American’s future.


Interestingly, of all the places in America where he could be, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama—the presumed Democratic nominee for president of the United States—just happens to be holding a rally tonight at Nissan Pavilion, a large outdoor amphitheater just a stone’s throw from the site of this year’s Bilderberg meeting.

Coincidence?More than likely he’s taking this opportunity to meet his new bosses. Whether he wins or loses, you can bet he’ll be getting his marching orders from the global elite. We’ll keep you informed.

James P. Tucker Jr.


The Bilderberg Group: Rulers of the World (must listen audio link; Daniel Estulin)

Unmasking the wannabe masters of the universe By Bev Conover

Who Runs The World And Why You Need To Know Immediately By Carolyn Baker (updated)


My analysis of Bilderberg 2008 by Stefan Fobes

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