Stewart Speaks the Truth About Presidential Pandering to Israel!

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By Manila Ryce
The Largest Minority
Published Friday, June 6th, 2008

Stewart has never been critical of Israel himself, but at the end of this clip he does finally say what no one in the media is allowed to say:

“Oh, I forgot! You can’t say anything remotely critical of Israel and still get elected president!”

Kudos to Jon for speaking up and for showing how insanely pro-war the Israeli lobby is for throwing their support behind the candidate who promises that his first action in office will be to launch a nuclear strike against Iran.

via The Daily Show:


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31 thoughts on “Stewart Speaks the Truth About Presidential Pandering to Israel!

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  6. It would be useful to consider… By assaulting the Gazans so brutally = Israel has broadened the support and deepened the affinity of Hamas to the residents of Gaza = If Hamas is actually strengthened by this assault, then Israel will always have an enemy = If the ruling body in Gaza is an enemy = then Israel will never be forced to make peace…

  7. Wow, well, first of all I have to say I am pleased, that this is even being discussed in mainstream media. Second, I was reminded of the words of Ilan Pappe, when I met with him. “Israel is the cat’s claw of the United States, and it must stop it’s genocidal policies.”

  8. How utterly shameful, disgraceful and undignified is the conduct of our presidential candidates. Does or will anyone in the states, who is in politics and running for some office, make history by coming out and questioning this insanely weird and schitzophrenic dillemma of the US politicians being so needy and absurdly compelled to pretend and lie and say anything the Jewish/Israeli lobby requires them to, otherwise they’d have no chance of being elected. Sounds to me that the US isn’t independent politically and is under Israeli/Jewish political sphere of influence, or should I say OCCUPATION of sorts!!!

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  12. One would think that these candidates are competing for the presidency of Israel, not the U.S…. or maybe I missed out the news that the U.S. has officially become a colony of … Israel

  13. hope you still have a job when u get this E mail,
    the truth allways hurts.but this country needs more

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  15. The US Government is subservient to Great Britain and the Vatican. You never see any politician criticize Great Britain and the Vatican either.

  16. Just imagine the image which the US, the world’s sole super-power, is presenting to the world!!!. Every one of its politicians proclaiming his subservience to Israel, a foreign country; one that is occupying a land and persecuting its Palestinian people in defiance of all UN resolutions and international law.

    How can anybody respect the US and its pretense at setting the world standard in terms of human values, ethical behavior and democracy?

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