The Stolen 2008 Presidential Election

by Guadamour
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
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June 7, 2008

Everyone is asking: Who is Obama going to choose as a running mate? Concerning the recent past history, Does it really matter?

Obama is refreshing bright and erudite, and the best public speaker to come along in a least half a century.

But does it really matter who he chooses for a running mate?

Gore choose a far right war mongering alleged Democrat, and won by a large margin in the popular vote, and after King George was crowned by the Supreme court, when everything was sifted through, it was also determined that Al Gore won in Florida. Did King George leave the White House, and Al Gore take his duly won seat?

That was a one time shot! The Democrats were going to fix things so that couldn’t happen again.

Then there was 2004. King George sneaked by with a just barely stolen election. Ultimately it came out that he had Won illegally in Ohio. Once that was determined, Did John Kerry taken over his duly won seat as president?

There is little doubt that Obama will trounce McCain in 2008.

However, considering the past two presidential elections, it is reasonable to assume that McCain will be inaugurated.

The Democrats haven’t fixed the electoral process, and if anything the Republicans have been successful at restricting access to the polls and getting most states to use easily tampered with voting machines.

The state of Arizona is a perfect example. You used to be able to go to the polls, give your name and address, they looked you up, and if your name was there, you voted.

It doesn’t work that way anymore. No one has ever been prosecuted for illegally voting in Arizona. To encourage voter turn out, the state did everything it could do make it easy to vote and register to vote. Now, thanks to the Republicans, when you go to the polls you have to show a state issued photo ID to vote. These ID cost money, and are inconvenient to get, and they could be considered a form of Jim Crow laws; nevertheless, these voting restrictions have been determined by the courts to be legal.

A number of states have passed these restrictive laws and laws like them

They will be used to steal the presidential election for John McCain.

That along with the record less voting machines now in widespread use will insure that John McCain becomes president.

The Democrats might scream, but they screamed before and did nothing. What is to assume that this time will be different?

The problem is the system itself–the bought and paid for politicians, the unfettered access of special interest lobbyists to these politicians, and the fact that now corporation are considered individuals, not to mention the revolving door between government service and the corporate sector. Keep in mind that corporations don’t pay taxes as if they were individuals.

It’s foolhardy to believe that Obama or any other politician will change the system. They are the system.

The only way the system will be changed is if natural people, voters, claim the right or initiative and referendum and introduce the laws they want enacted, and not laws that corporations want passed. Hopefully this empowerment of the people will be strong enough to eliminate the apathy that confronts the country now which plays into the hands of corporate interests.

I urge everyone to look into the Initiative for Democracy movement.


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