The Difference Between Jesus And The GOP by Mickey Walker

Dandelion Salad

by Mickey Walker
Jun 8, 2008

A Peek At The Neocon Agenda Behind The Mask

Oh, they will tell you they are about God’s work and are saved in the arms of Jesus, but the true business of the GOP does not reflect their vote-getting, Jesus talking points in the remotest way. But wait. Let’s be fair. It’s not really the GOP that’s to blame; it’s the Necons. You know, the new chip off the GOP block who tries to sanctify wars and violence, stealing from the Treasury, war-profiteering attacks of Iraq (who never harmed us), and shredding the Constitution so that not all Americans will enjoy the same rights that Bush’s cronies do? We know them; they are the Neocon scoundrels who have borrowed and spent us into the Dark Ages. Indeed, we know these villains; they been in power for years, and until Bush’s term expires, they will continue to scorch the country blacker than when Sherman burned Atlanta.

It’s not the Republican Party, the GOP. It’s those who slithered into power and took over the GOP so they could steal and, and at the same time, make it all sound holy and righteous. Today’s GOP Neocons in charge, starting with George W. Bush, are dedicated to eliminating the Middle Class and the Poor. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at Bush’s lopsided Tax Cuts for the Rich. Yep, 2 Trillion dollars worth of payback rewards to Bush’s self-proclaimed “Have-More” base for supporting him. And who pays? The taxpayer who gets little or no tax cuts while the Neocons laugh all the way to the bank. So what part of Jesus’ teachings did the Neocons twist to line their own pockets? And why did we buy into it?

So you ask them, “Who would Jesus attack?” The Religious Right squirms when you ask them about that or any of their “fantasy-world” teachings of Jesus, nonexistent on any page in the Bible. Respectability by association, not by deeds, is the Neocon mantra. They cannot tell you where the Bible says Jesus advises us to smite thy brother on the other cheek before he smites thee. Yet these Neocon Christians are big on starting wars against Muslims. And their need to legitimize their acts is demonic. And what does Jesus have to say about money and the love of it? Well, He said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. Yet, these modern Neocons who attach themselves to the Bible like barnacles will tell you outright, “Jesus doesn’t want you to be poor.” Guess that’s why it’s okay for Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, and Pat Robertson to drive Mercedes and keep yachts and slush funds for exotic vacations, all in the name of Jesus, right? Forget the scriptures where Jesus tells the rich man who wants to join Him as a disciple to first give all his money away to the poor. It didn’t happen. Neocons hate that part. It stomps on too many of their toes, and even tears their socks.

When asked about the correctness of paying taxes to Rome, Jesus asked to see a coin of the realm during the reign of Caesar. He then asked whose picture was on the coin, and when ‘Caesar’ was the reply, Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. And unto God what is God’s.” Would Jesus advocate the reckless throwing away of money to pay taxes by the Roman occupiers of Israel? He would. And would rich Neocons like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, or Sean Hannity favor rendering their $92,000.00 annual tax cuts to the U.S. Treasury to help pay off the $9.5 Trillion dollar debt we accumulated by financing the Iraq War OFF BUDGET? Probably not. Why not? What would Jesus say?

The Crusades said it all about how spoils and money taken in the name of Jesus were distributed. Various Popes of Rome rallied thousands of knights from many countries in Europe to go to Jerusalem and take back the Holy Land from the Infidels (Muslims and Jews who had lived there from before the time of Jesus). In the IV Crusade, 1204 AD, Crusaders intended to take the city of Constantinople back from the Muslims and to protect and defend the riches of the church therein (like, in gold and silver). Word had it that the Infidels held the city. When they arrived, however, the gallant knights found that Christianity was alive and well within the walls of the church. Catholic mass and vespers routinely were still conducted; the Infidels had no claim on the church or its riches. What a letdown the Crusaders experienced. All that gold and no Infidels to behead in its taking. They waited a few days. Then without provocation, they attacked the church and sacked it of all its treasures anyway. They saved Christianity from the Christians. Say what? Psst. As James Carville might say, ‘It’s the gold, stupid.’ Dude, don’t we need to get a clue on how nations and churches use Jesus to justify stealing? Or as justification to attack countries with oil? Oops, I meant to say gold. Check it out at:

Back in those days, the defenders of the Christian faith had the quest of running all the Infidels out of the Holy Land. Best to forget about the gold the Crusaders stole and the towns they pillaged while on their godly mission. And forget about from whom the gold was taken or who was pillaged. Sound familiar?

In retrospect, how were those divinely propagandized motives of the Crusades different from today’s Neocon talking points for bringing democracy to the Middle East? Pay attention for there will be a quiz at the end as to the Necons’ bottom line reason for attacking Iraq in 2008.

Fast-forwarding about 320 years, we have Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, taking a break from directing the Spanish Inquisition to send Columbus to discover America. Later, their grandson, Charles V sent mercenaries like Hernando Cortez to bring Christianity to the American Indians. Charles V was not only King of Spain, but Pope of Rome at the same time. So bringing Christianity to the American Indians was a divine right of kings in spades, so to speak. Once ashore, Cortez met Montezuma, chief of the Aztecs who escorted Cortez and his army to the Aztec capital city Teotihuacan, where Mexico City stands today. In a short time, the Spanish Friars burned the Aztecs’ history books and the Aztecs like firewood to properly cleanse the savages of all their evil ways. And all this, in the name of Jesus was directed by Cortez, an ex-convict. He and his Conquistadores soldiers of fortune became rich. With the blessing of King/Pope Charles V, Cortez and his marauders took all the gold they could find and sent it back to Spain where each soldier got lucrative credits in the Spanish Treasury for their missionary work in the name of Jesus. Their gold quotas were high, but no matter, the more they stole, the more they got to keep. So gold was the prize, once again, once the Aztecs were routed, their cities torn down, and Christian churches erected on the same sites with the same stones. Blessed by the Church the stones became pure again. King Charles V enlisted the Friars just as surely as the GOP enlisted Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority and all his Christian voters to do the bidding of the Lord by twice electing Ronald Reagan to the presidency. Without shame, the new GOP (Neocons) and the Religious Right became one. Having Jesus on your side helps when you are destroying the Aztecs for gold or attacking Iraq for oil.

George W. Bush, a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, told Russian president Alex Putin that he speaks to God, and God speaks back. According to Putin, Dubya told him that God told him to attack Iraq. What a wonderful combination to get preemptive war with Iraq blessed by God in advance. And all that oil, to boot. Holy enmeshment! But listen, how are today’s Bushite policies similar to those of the Crusaders and the Conquistadors? Quiz time. What is the bonus received from Bush’s attacking Iraq and bringing them democracy? If you answered, we feel good, no points. To remove an evil dictator who gassed his own people? Nope. To kill terrorists? Nope. There weren’t any until we attacked Iraq and opened the door for them to blow across the border like Katrina blew across Lake Ponchatrain. So what is the correct answer? To control the Oil? Well, partly. But that’s a sub bonus if we ever get around to taking it. So what’s our payoff for venturing into nation-building and keeping boots on the ground in Iraq?

Simple: It’s good for bidness. George W. Bush, himself, said so recently. Halliburton, General Electric, Exxon, every company that makes goods or renders services to a war economy, wins. Blackwater, a mercenary army for hire owned by fundamentalist Christian, Erik Prince, got a Billion dollar no-bid contract for services rendered in Iraq. That was a few months ago, the check was cashed, and now it’s probably at Two Billion. All the security-oriented corporations who advise and manufacture anti-terrorist equipment such as flak jackets and night vision optics, all win. The big bucks are in bullets and planes, hardware, tanks, the big iron stuff. Software sales flourish, and Tomahawk Missiles, at a million bucks a copy ain’t nothing to sneeze at, either. The money flows and flows and flows. And when the government is at war, the multiplier increases by at least 10 times. For example, a $60.00 toilet at Lowes or the Home Depot can now be charged off to Uncle Sam for at least $600.00. Wait a minute, I got confused. It’s the toilet seat, not the toilet that sells for $600.00 when you got a no-bid gummint contract. My, my, the multiplier might be more like 30 times, who knows? But more importantly, who cares? Nobody, it seems, because the Neocons at war always carry their Bibles to the podiums of America and they sign off with ‘God Bless America’ so that we will rest assured that they are about God’s business. Even now, nobody demonstrates in the streets against Bush’s Iraq War. Or the decimated dollar or a shredded Bill of Rights we once had under the Constitution. Habeas Corpus, what’s that? Military tribunals? No way, you say. After the Bush/Cheney juggernaut finishes with us and takes it all and sells us down the river for good, what will we have left? Jobs? Anybody see the airline layoffs in the thousands this week? How ‘bout them gas prices at the pump? We used to get it. But now, maybe we are in shock and just don’t get it. Perhaps ‘God Bless Us Poor Americans’ might be a more urgent and to the point plea for help.

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