A Few Minutes With: A Man On A Mission To Impeach + Fasting for Impeachment

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Interview with Erik Shelley:

A Few Minutes With: A Man On A Mission To Impeach


Fasting for Impeachment: “In memory of Crispus Attucks”

Impeach. Fast.

Impeach. Fast.

June 08, 2008

If you’re trying to stop a war, Memorial day is kinda like the Super Bowl. This past Memorial day weekend, my friends and I played all four quarters. After putting signs on footbridges over I-94, Therese and I paid a little visit to my favorite representative in DC, Thadeus McCotter (R-MI 11th).

…continued + lots of videos


Memorial day impeachment banner drop


Added: May 26, 2008
Banner drop outside Comerica park, Sunday May 25th.

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Fasting for impeachment “The Southfield/12 Mile situation”

Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution + videos (updated)

9 thoughts on “A Few Minutes With: A Man On A Mission To Impeach + Fasting for Impeachment

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  2. #1: Saddam DID indeed relent with his enemy at the gates. There’s a HUGE difference between deploying carriers and actually bombing. BUSH CALLED THE INSPECTORS OFF THEIR POSTS in order to invade. Blix & El Baridei were quite clear that there was NO evidence of WMD. The reasons NOT to invade were far greater than any pretext Bush & Co cooked up, international LAW being not the least of them. Lo has excellent posts by Scott Ritter, you need to read and watch them, do a search on this site.

    #2: DISSENT is more American than apple pie. Your favorite nation was founded on DISSENT.

    #3: Your ‘American-hating-Americans” buzzword is a tired bogus Billo talking point (tell me again you think he’s ‘fair and balanced, Mr. ‘no-spin!’). It shows that you’re not here to learn, but simply to meddle. OK, so meddle, but before you do so, remember this is not 2004, we have a lot of info on the situation as it was then, and now, and damning evidence of the falsification of the pretext for the invasion (again READ or WATCH the impeachment resolution by Congressman Kucinich before you claim otherwise). The facts will debate your fox-noise warmongering into dust, and will only grow more convincing as more whistle blowers blow, and as more information becomes apparent.

    #4: NO you did NOT “EARN” this nation, you invaded this nation at the genocidal expense of the natives (‘manifest destiny, similar quasi-religion that you used to try to spread ‘democracy’ at the expense of the Iraqi people when your own VP is ON THE RECORD after the first Gulf war, stating that he KNEW what would happen there if we actually invaded). And this country was built with slaves.

    (and this comes from a tax-paying business owner who undoubtedly worked harder in the past 25 years than you in your entire fox-noise pandering neo-con career, and who was born of immigrant ancestors who worked yet harder under more difficult circumstances than even myself, and NONE of us would say Americas ill-gotten gluttony, insofar as it was violently usurped, was therefore justified by ‘hard work’).

    And then you went and deployed your military-industrial mania in aggressive deployments all over the world (and don’t go invoking WW2, all the illegal deployments to which I refer happened since then), carrying out war after war for no other reason than to sustain the ILL-GOTTEN americon way of life at the point of a daisy-cutter bomb, and keep the munitions factories rolling.

    Are you PROUD of what you did in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, helping to unseat DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED governments all over Latin America, installing dictators who committed atrocity, disappearances and torture as did Saddam?

    You say you are against Saddam and his antics, and that he therefore deserved this horrifically ill-advised invasion. Yet you and your warmongering ‘America Uber Alles’ ilk are the very ones who committed similar atrocities, NOT for democracy, but for American business interests in Latin America.

    Are you PROUD that you unseated Mossadeq in Iran, the model democracy of the region ultimately bringing on the Mullahs whom your so itching to nuke? (again, do a search on this site where you’ll find excellent articles about the first illegal coup of the CIA against Iran in 1953, which brought about the Shah at the behest of the British colonialists, later guaranteeing the revolution and the installation of the extremists you and your ‘McBomb Iran’ now wave your tactical nukes at. You need to read the history of the USA, and not just blindly believe in god and country. Your preacher and your Neocons are not being historically accurate with you, and you blindly believe at the peril of the facts. Are you proud of that? I’d hope not!

    You need to actually READ the text of Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach your Botch. The very fact that you run out these same Hannity-hypnotized ignorant talking points shows you’ve not done your research. Thankfully we no longer need to school you mega-churched born-again believers about the gun-totin’ fake Texan cowboy figurehead your televangelists told you to vote for, because Dennis laid it all out in plain English, in excruciating detail, with irrefutable references and footnotes. Your entire case for invasion is TOAST. The soldiers died for YOUR SINS, not mine!

    What you have done in Iraq was ILLEGAL, it was IMMORAL and it was a WAR-CRIME. YOU, mr. neo-con cultist, are failing your country by promoting the very policy that undermines your own freedoms, and which renders us all complicit in your crimes simply by our living here and paying taxes for your weapons of war and hideously corrupt contractor network, all on the backs of the next generations of debtors in this land.

    I however, am utilizing the platform which this ‘freedom of the press’ and ‘freedom of speech’ is supposed to allow (while no doubt I’m being illegally surveiled as I write because of your own commander-in-chief’s criminally anti-American activities).

    No amount of uneducated fox-news-spewing will relieve you and your own criminal conscience for attempting to excuse the war-criminal actions of your ‘elected’ president. You are guilty of complicity in those very crimes, as much as the citizens of Hitler’s Reich were guilty of complicity in the warmongering aggressive invasions and war-crimes of their own beloved leader.

    Failure to dissent the illegal, treasonous, war-criminal atrocities of your neo-con born-again government renders you guilty by association of the very crimes they commit. Actually supporting them as you do is aiding and abetting horrors untold and untellable, for which YOU not I have rendered this nation a criminal enterprise, and worthy of international contempt.

    If you value the rebellion against slavery when people like you supported the status-quo, or if you value the rebellion of the colonists against their king when people like you sold out to the Tories, or if you value the struggle of women in their pursuit of the right to vote while people like you fought like hell to keep them in their ‘place’, or if you value the struggle of the civil rights movement when people like you fought so hard to keep injustice alive, or if you value struggle to end the illegal and horribly wasteful invasion of Vietnam (which surely you don’t, betcha wanted to burn the place down, didn’tcha?) while people like you wanted nothing more than to nuke the place (what was the reason again? Oh yeah, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the ‘domino’ which never happened, another INVENTED red herring so you could again kill brown people in far flung lands of NO THREAT TO THE USA, apparently your favorite activity in all the world), then you would VALUE the non-existent anti-war movement which you here attempt to infiltrate and meddle with.

    Dissenting illegal and immoral and gratuitously militaristic acts committed by your government, which were carried out in your name, with your money (and likely a LOT more of mine) for entirely and categorically disproved reasons, against a nation of NO THREAT TO THE USA, indeed such dissent is your obligation, your duty as a tax-paying citizen, NOT something you should try to dissuade as ‘un-american’ (did you also support McCarthy in his blacklisting? Bet you would have! Proud of that one too, Mr. Americon?).

    Until you’ve read Dennis Kucinich’s profound and highly detailed indictment of Bush, go away and stop trying to draw out a bogus debate with your bogus fox noise talking points. You have a LOT of research to do in the argument against your position before you try to walk all this same ground yet again.

    You were WRONG to invade, you REMAIN WRONG to support the occupation; you should instead completely rethink your entire philosophy. You have absolutely NO reason to be in the Middle East (since you would be the FIRST to say it’s not about oil, am I right?).

    History is already proving you wrong, just as it proved you wrong about Vietnam. You’re going to have to learn someday, even if it’s the hard, hard way, de-limbed, scarred, deranged and PTSD’d, drunk on a park bench because YOUR favorite government can’t afford to pay your post-traumatic medical bills.

    See you after you’ve read your Kucinich, until then you’re simply irresponsibly ignorant.

  3. Natureboy, go back and look at the reasons for going to war in Iraq. WMD was only one of about 22 reasons. Saddam’s support for terrorists, Al-qaeda seeking and receiving safe haven in Iraq and Saddam’s failure to live up to conditions of the seize-fire from the first gulf war were all listed as reasons for the current war. Saddam was given ample time and opportunity to live up to the agreements, he refused to do so. The UN Security Counsil had subsequent meetings and decided Saddam would live up to the seize-fire agreement or facew serious consequences. As for the rest of your argument, I don’t really know how to respond to some one who obviously hates America and fails to understand what made America the nation it is to begin with, namely “God and guns” and alot of hard work in an effort to have a better life, or as you called it, consumerism and gluttony. If we earn it, we have a right to it. The rest of the world doesn’t hate us, the vast majority of the rest of the world wants to come be part of the US that you seem to hate so much.

  4. Sounds like DC Barton needs an emergency injection of Scott Ritter. In any case the invasion was illegal under Geneva and the UN Charter, constituting nothing less than war-crimes. If the WMD were in Syria surely the Mossad would have found and nuked them by now. It was all a big lie.

    Goodtimepolitics needs to listen to part 1-4 of Representative Press on Condi’s (i.e. bush’s) lies.
    There is much more than enough evidence to indict and investigate; that is what impeachments are for.

    Put Bush under oath and get sworn testimony regarding all the myriad allegations in the bill, and no doubt massive high crimes will be demonstrated. That is what a trial is for, to provide proof. Evidence for impeachment abounds. He’d be guilty if tried.

    Anyway, ‘lying’ is hardly all Shelly is saying, or that Dennis’ bill is alleging. Torture and no-bid corporate fraud, voter fraud aside, this is not a matter of stains, this is lying us into war in which a million died, a nation was destroyed, $3-trillion wasted, its a lie that unleashed horror untold and untellable.

    People need to peel themselves from FOX as it makes for hole-in-head disease. The information is out there. It’s the fault of the goodtime public for believing Newscorps neocon tools, and for going about their gluttony while Iraq burns.

    It is so exhausting to try to educate lemmings who believe billo, when it’s so clearly BS. Its their responsibility to become properly informed, especially if their vote unleashed this, and their taxes pay for this madness. If you can’t become informed, then don’t vote. But definitely don’t just ‘believe’. Question Billo, there’s clearly huge holes in his whole schtick. Pick up on a few more sources besides Hannity and Coulter.

    The fact that people walk by, while this brave man tells the truth with everything he’s got is a profound indictment of these fat, obese, consumerist, warmongering, SUV spewing amerigoons. The USA, formerly a bastion of culture and intelligence, became under the reagunite rightist incorporation of the megachurch-going Robertsonites, a giant cult of greed, gluttony god and guns. Their Christian effort to quash a tiny counter-culture 40 years ago, lead to 40 years of decadent selfish, arrogant, ill-gotten gluttony of the American way of life, which the USA maintains through illegal deployments and illegal market manipulations and trade.

    Those people who walk on by are the very core of the problem, and the very reason the USA is now universally detested, (as it should be), as well as the very reason its economy is headed for the brink. They may think differently when they’re cooking government soup in cans over garbage-can fires under bridges. And they’ll deserve it.

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  6. do people really believe the war can be stopped just by the US pulling out of Iraq? All that will accomplish is bringing the Islamists and their anti-American hatred to the streets of America. As far as impeaching Bush and Cheney over “misleading and lying” to the American people, look at the fact that General George Asada, a former Iraqi General said that he orchestrated the evacuation of the WMD to syria under the direct orders of Saddam Hussein immediately before the US invasion of Iraq. Remeber also, the Senate Committee that “detemined” that Bsh and Cheney “lied” us into war are mostly Dems in a Government that is more and more partisan everyday. The Dems keep talking about a bi-partisan Government, but their idea of bi-partisanship is the REpublicans dropping off the face of the earth

  7. Impeach Bush for what? All they say is for lying! Then if thats the case you better not vote for Obama as he has lied more than President Bush or Cheney and he has not even been ellected yet! No one has proved Bush has lied! This is crazy!

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