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Updated: June 10, 2008 Here’s the transcript: http://chun.afterdowningstreet.org/amomentoftruth.pdf, h/t and thanks to Tarotlayd.. and After Downing Street for the link. It’s 65 pages long! And here’s the html version: transcript thanks to erisian. ~ Lo

Continued on Kucinich introduces articles of Impeachment (continued; video; list of articles)

by Sabrina Eaton
June 09, 2008 19:35PM

Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich took to the House of Representatives floor on Monday evening to introduce a 35-count resolution to impeach President George W. Bush.

Kucinich claimed Bush “fraudulently” justified the war on Iraq and misled “the American people and members of Congress to believe Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction so as to manufacture a false case for war.”

“President George W. Bush, by such conduct, is guilty of an impeachable offense warranting removal from office,” Kucinich said.

Kucinich said in January that he planned to launch an impeachment effort against Bush, but delayed his effort after meeting with members of the House Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary Commitee hasn’t acted on a bid Kucinich launched last year to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney.

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Entire playlist of Articles of Impeachment


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Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles part 2


Kucinich Impeach Art. 28: Tampering w/ Free & Fair Elections

Kucinich Impeachment Article 29: Violation Voting Rights Act

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  15. It’s incredible, isn’t it? Dennis is the man. He would make the best president. I like some of your suggested cabinet members. But maybe Cindy Sheehan should head up the Dept of Peace?

  16. Wow.
    I’ve gotten about 2/3 thru it.
    This is a major Opus.

    Thank you for posting this whole thing.
    It’s amazing. It’s all even so much worse than I imagined. How could the government, and its governed, have put up with this for all this time?
    We, the people have some serious soul-searching to do.

    We are so very fortunate to have Dennis speaking on our behalf. They worked so hard to derail him at every possible pass.
    But Dennis doesn’t back down.
    Dennis is pure.

    Dennis for president! Wexler for VP, Cindy for Secy of Defense, Chomsky for National Security adviser, Helen Caldicott energy secretary, Nader & Gravel for everything else. Maybe Obama could head up the Justice dept (but he doesn’t seem too interested in prosecuting anyone, does he… strange for a litigator!).

    We could indeed have a decent government that would bring peace and prosperity. But perhaps peace and prosperity is not what the people really want.

    Historic post.

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  21. Thanks for reposting, Gabrielle, however I would appreciate an active link back to this blog post as I state on my site: “Feel free to repost but be polite and include an active link back to the blog post please.”

  22. Yes, this is another historical document, LO.

    Please have readers circulate it all over the place.

    The indictiments against them all are being prepared feverishly.

    WAR CRIMES ARE NOT GOING TO TOLERATED – in the name of future generations.

    I think Conyers had the riot act read to him and he better GET WITH ITl !!

    About time tax payer dollars were spent on the RIGHT CAUSES !!

    I despise Scott McClellan (alhtough he is being reformed !!)
    but we must thank him, the EFF and all the great international lawyers in the US who have been working behind the scenes on OUR behalf all these years.

    The broom is going to sweep clean all these VERMIN very soon.

    Over the years, I have been abandoned by many groups and grow weary of sending out “announcements” although I KNOW what is going on ..

    So this is the next stage of our OBLIGATION.


    All help greatly appreciated, as I would like, after fifteen years of exile (and NO criminal prosecutions against me !!) to go HOME.

  23. We know that PELOSI will attempt to block impeachment proceedings.

    Please continue to call your states’ attorney attorney general throughout the day, remindiing them to UPHOLD THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE and demand the upholding of the Geneva conventions NOW.

    Pelosi must NOT be allowed to serve as President as the Constitution stipulates.


    Here is the link to sign the petition for Pelosi’s removal as Speaker of the House ..

  24. I have to wait and listen to the videos when I get home from work but I have to say Dennis Kucinich is someone to be proud of. Thank you Dennis and thank you Dandylion Salad for bringing this post to the public.


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