Countdown: Articles of Impeachment + Off the Table + Economic Reality

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June 10, 2008

Articles of Impeachment

Keith reports on Dennis Kucinich reading articles of impeachment for George Bush on the House floor yesterday. Jonathan Turley weighs in.

Impeachment Off the Table

Keith talks to Howard Fineman about Dennis Kucinich’s articles of impeachment and why the Democrats won’t do anything about it.

Economic Reality

Keith reports on the McCain campaign trying to say that Obama will be bad for the economy and calling him a tax and spend liberal, and jokes about McCain’s “beer” gaffe. Ryan Lizza weighs in on whether McCain’s economic plan for keeping the tax cuts and cutting spending is likely to happen.

Worst Person

And the winner is….an unidentified Catholic Priest. Runners up John Gibson and Griff Jenkins.


Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution + videos + transcript

Kucinich introduces articles of Impeachment (continued; videos; transcript)

Ralph Nader: Impeach Bush & Cheney!

Dennis Kucinich Documents Grounds for Impeachment of Bush & Cheney (4 hours)

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  10. This is GREAT coverage by Keitho.

    Talk about ‘ripening on the vine’ I’ve waited so long for this it’s like we’re the ones rotting, ready to drop and compost!

    It’s so important this is in the record, but Keith is right to suggest that the goppers achieved their wildest dreams impeaching Clinton, intimidating and ruining the damn dems for the foreseeable.

    The people, the citizens, the votors are the worst co-conspirators in the crimes of Botchco. I blame the people, because… The People Just Don’t Care.

    For them it’s only greed, god & guns, and killing hajji, nuking Iran, and exploiting every drop of oil they can find, so they can drive to the mall and watch stupid sex in the city. THEY, not Botch, are responsible for the war-crimes of the USA.

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