Rob Kall Radio Show Tonight With Dennis Kucinich & Luke Ryland

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by Rob Kall

I’ll be interviewing Congressman Dennis Kucinich tonight, at 9:00 PM EST, Wednesday, June 11. We’ll be talking about his articles of impeachment of George W. Bush.

In the second half of the show, I’ll be interviewing Luke Ryland, an investigative journalist calling in from Australia, who’s been doing a series of articles on whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. He’ll be talking about new disclosures on former House Speaker, DennyHastert’s Turkish connection.

Listen to the show at AM 1360 in South Jersey and Philly, or, if you are out of range, listen on-line at

We won’t be doing call-ins while Congressman Kucinich is on the air, but afterwards, and when Luke Ryland is on, we will.

If you have questions for Kucinich, post them to the headlined diary announcing the show:

Rob Kall Radio Show Tonight With Dennis Kucinich & Luke Ryland:

I will be checking for the comments on the diary. And you can start posting your questions before the show. Let’s make this interview a “We” event.

When we switch over to taking phone calls, check the diary for the phone number to call. I’d include it, but we’re using a new system and don’t have the number yet.


Rob Kall

PS: We’re looking for sponsors for the radio show. Rates start at $200 a month for four shows. That gets you an announcement that I read. Or become an active part of the show for $400 a month, and actually get four minutes on the show to talk. (We’ll need to discuss just what you talk about. You can do news, op-ed or hold a conversation with me or an interviewee.)


Phone numbers: 856 227 1360 listener call in.

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