Support Rep. Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment + video (take action)

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June 11, 2008

Rep. Dennis Kucinich performed a heroic service for our Nation by introducing 35 Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush.

Rep. Kucinich thoroughly researched and documented every single article. Any one Article would be sufficient grounds for impeaching Bush and removing him from office; taken together, the case for impeachment is overwhelming and urgent.

I thank Rep. Kucinich for his true patriotism and I urge you, my Representative and Senators, to fully support all of his Articles of Impeachment.

Take Action

Goal: 100,000

Now: 7,569

h/t: Andrew


Support Rep. Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment
What you can do:Email your Representatives to support
Kucinich’s Articles of ImpeachmentCall your Rep. at 202-224-3121

Call your favorite talk shows and tell
everyone who supports impeachment to
sign the petition at [see above Take Action link]

See video: Tell Congress that Bush and Israel Have No Legal Justification to Attack Iran See Body of War, Hear Body of War (video)

SEE Kucinich Reads Resolution to Impeach Vice President Cheney…

Call John Conyers (202) 225-5126 and call Nancy Pelosi (202) 225-4965 and tell her to uphold the law and allow impeachment proceeds to begin!

[see: Ralph Nader: Impeach Bush & Cheney!]…
Nancy – By not pursuing impeachment hearings against George W. Bush you are a complicit enabler of this illegal regime, and you are a disgrace to the American people and the Constitution of the United States. Honor your Oath to the Constitution! – from comment…

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Dennis Kucinich Documents Grounds for Impeachment of Bush & Cheney (4 hours)

Countdown: Articles of Impeachment + Off the Table + Economic Reality

Kucinich Reads Impeachment Articles 33, 18 + 20

Ralph Nader: Impeach Bush & Cheney!

Kucinich introduces articles of Impeachment (continued; videos; transcript)

Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution + videos + transcript (including Art. 28-29)

25 thoughts on “Support Rep. Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment + video (take action)

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  8. It’s time to support Kucinich’s motion to impeach. When the facts are reviewed in depth Cheny and Bush will go down in history as the two biggest slimes that America has ever elected. Other than Kucinich, who has the guts to take these two outrageous criminals to justice.

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  22. Impeachment

    The issue is restoring the Rule of Law, Constitution and Bill of Rights, not Bush or Cheney.

    Both Media and Congress are obstructing this.

    The citizens of the US must act,
    go to the streets,
    to demand return to lawful government.

    Demand restoration of the Constitution.

    Accept no excuses.

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