Countdown: Do As I Say & Not As I Do + Supreme Smackdown

Dandelion Salad

June 12, 2008


Do As I Say and Not As I Do

Keith reports on the resignation of Jim Johnson from Obama’s Vice Presidential search team and the McCain campaign using it as a line of attack on Obama even though he’s got similar and worse problems with those on his own staff and Vice Presidential search team. Rachel Maddow weighs in on the risks of those in glass houses throwing stones.

Supreme Smackdown

Keith reports on the recent ruling from the Supreme Court on the prisoners at Gitmo saying they do have the right to challenge their detention in US courts. Jonathan Turley weighs in.

Worst Person

And the winner is…Antonin Scalia. Runners up Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity.


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Bush Strongly Disagrees With Recent Supreme Court Decision!