Cafferty File: McGovern Calls for Impeachment

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Video Cafe on Jan 7, 2008

Jack reports on George McGovern’s op-ed where he calls for impeachment and asks why Congress won’t impeach the President.

Cafferty File: McGovern Calls for Impeachment


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8 thoughts on “Cafferty File: McGovern Calls for Impeachment

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  4. Good for Jack.
    At least this time CNN covered it.

    So if the gop had a majority, there’d be a debate?
    Congress is truly concerned about what it would ‘look like’?

    I’d truly like to hear truthfully from one of these reps exactly what their reasons are– I’d like to see a written editorial by a both a Dem and Gop congressperson as to exactly what is going through their minds about this, what exactly the Dems are afraid of, and why, and what exactly the Goppers feel they could gain by promoting this debate, and why this would be detrimental to the Dems and advantageous to the GOP. I just want to hear it honestly, rather than having to guess.

    In truth, the people did elect these congress-people, the people refuse to hold them to their oath of office, the GOP still unanimously believes botch is good, that all his decisions are correct, that we should be permanently at war to spread this kind of corrupt government of which they’re so proud, by force.

    Wait a minute, all those who complained that the USSR was expansionist, that they had to be stopped because they were exporting their ideology by militaristic force, could not the very same be now said of this nation?

    Off-topic I know, but relevant to those who are so proud of the USA and it’s ‘freedoms’ it’s ‘democracy’ and it’s wars.

    Glad to see Cafferty covered it, and weighed in.

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