Nader Statement on Ron Paul

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by Ralph Nader
Friday, June 13, 2008

Washington, DC—-Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader issued the below statement on Dr Ron Paul today.

“Ron Paul was a lightning rod for millions of Americans against the war in Iraq and for the protection of personal liberties that the two major parties have turned their back on–by continuing to support the illegal criminal war and the PATRIOT Act.

Now that Dr Paul has formally withdrawn his candidacy for the G.O.P. nomination and is no longer seeking the Presidency, there is a clear choice for those who want to support a candidate who will stand up against the war and stand up for personal liberties and privacy that have been trampled by the notorious, misnamed, PATRIOT Act.

The people want the next President to immediately withdraw our soldiers and corporate mercenaries from Iraq in the safest manner possible.

I would veto any attempt to extend the so-called PATRIOT Act or anything else that came across my desk that was designed to circumvent the civil liberties of the American People. The PATRIOT Act grants excessive power to the government to abuse civil liberties through wiretaps, monitoring internet usage, authorized ‘sneak and peek’ of our homes, and forces libraries to turn over records of the books read by their patrons–and those abuses of power have been used repeatedly by Bush and his Justice Department. We need more politicians, like Dr Paul, who are not afraid to stand up for our civil liberties.”

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Senator Obama
Promised to repeal Patriot Act, then voted for it. While expressing reservations, Senator Obama ultimately voted to re-authorize the PATRIOT Act in 2006. Senator Feingold, who also expressed reservations, didn’t compromise his principles and voted against the re-authorization of the PATRIOT Act.

Senator McCain

Senator McCain voted YES on reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act in 2006.

Ralph Nader
Proven consistent history standing up for the Constitution; would veto any attempts to extend the PATRIOT Act or other legislation designed to circumvent civil liberties.

War Facts

Senator Obama

Obama’s Iraq redeployment plan would leave 175,000 to 220,000 troops and mercenaries in Iraq, threatens to expand the war to other nations by putting combat forces in Kuwait and keeping the bombing of Iran on the table.
Obama will leave all leave all 140,000 U.S. mercenaries in Iraq.
Obama will leave between 35,000 to 80,000 troops in Iraq to protect U.S. interests, fight al Qaeda and train the Iraqi military.
Obama will move combat troops to Kuwait to serve as a strike force to attack inside Iraq.

Obama has pledged to the right-wing Israeli lobby that he will always keep the military option.

Obama wants to expand the U.S. military, already the biggest in the world, by 92,000 additional soldiers.

Senator McCain

Supports the surge strategy and continued occupation of Iraq. His goal is an “Iraq that no longer needs American troops” but no clear guidance on when this might happen is provided.

Ralph Nader

A complete, rapid, withdrawal of all U.S. military, mercenaries and corporate interests from Iraq.
Cutting the wasteful and bloated U.S. military budget which makes up 50% of U.S. discretionary spending.
Reversing U.S. Middle East policy, including a re-evaluation of the Palestinian-Israeli dispute.
Increased spending on diplomacy and the reducing the underlying causes of terrorism.


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  3. Dandi,
    The Choice has been picked, D. or R., the difference, nada, we’ll be in Iraq when our childre become old[er].
    Disappointing that Dr. Paul dropped out especially while McCain is still running his mouth.
    A third Party to Investigate,
    this year before its too late.

  4. WOW! I love this post. This is why everyone must read Dandelion Salad everyday. Its delicious food for your brain and its guaranteed to keep the Neo Cons away and their so called progressive facilitators away 😀

  5. i’m disappointed to see Dr. Paul leave the race, but excited about the tremendous progress he has inspired.
    thanks for the information!

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