Nader Takes NBA to Court

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June 14, 2008

2002 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader is on the basketball court talking about the NBA Game 6 2002 Western Conference Finals and how it compares to the 2008 presidential election.

Nader Takes NBA to Court


Ralph Nader hopes for NBA whistle-blower

By Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
June 13, 2008

In 2002, consumer advocate and current presidential candidate Ralph Nader quickly criticized the NBA referees who worked the Lakers’ controversial Game 6 Western Conference finals victory over the Sacramento Kings.


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10 thoughts on “Nader Takes NBA to Court

  1. “Jews rule the world” is bullshit. My blog gets a lot of views therefore it gets on the front page often. Being Jewish has nothing to do with that. You really think WordPress asks what religion a blogger is before putting their blog on the front page? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  2. Poor brent. Let me explain. In America we are free to have political opposition as when D S opposes things.

    However Jews are a special class of their own. Any opposition to them is immediately raised to the level of the state religion Anti-Semitism.

    See how it works.

    Now if you complain then they whine “not all Jews” “why I don’t even support AIPAC”.

    The fact is that when a member of your ethinic group accomplishes something such as discovering America or writing the Constitution or spreading propaganda and creating the state religion of Anti-Semitism – then YOU benefit. You don’t have to do anything.

    Just as most Americans are too stupid to defend their country from the Jews and don’t have the brains of the founding Fathers they still have benefited from being white Americans.

    Just so the Jews benefit from everything accomplished by rich jews who are ruling elites or owners of cable news channels.

  3. Well Brent since dandelionsalad is a jew and he says he doesn’t appreciate your comments I guess that officially makes you the anti semite.

    Anti Semitism and The Holocaust are the state religions which are forced upon everyone else so too bad Brent. You are not allowed to say anything without jews’ approval you know.

    Even tho they are the pricks of the planet and the assholes of the universe we must do as they say because they own everything.

    Maybe we should condition the existence of Israel upon whether or not the jews of the world wish to live there. Then we’d actually have something vested in a podunk jewish state wouldn’t we.

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  5. The money figures don’t lie. That’s why I am voting for Cynthia McKinney. If Nader wants to do something really important for the country he can take on Monsanto.

  6. Brent, who are you directing your comment to? Are you suggesting that Nader betrayed someone? Not sure what you are talking about?? We aren’t here to discuss anyone’s sportsmanship or physical skills.

    Try sticking to the issues instead of name calling, please.

    There is controversy about whether McCain did in fact betray his fellow servicemen while he was a prisoner. Would you like to discuss that issue?

  7. Nader shoots like a pansy. Based on that alone, I would never even consider voting for him…

    I would rather vote for someone who, despite enduring torture, would not betray his fellow American brothers.

    If you wanted to vote for a woman, why didn’t you support Hillary?

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