Obama & McCain: Two Sides Of The Same Coin By Timothy V. Gatto

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By Timothy V. Gatto
06/13/08 “Countercurrents

I’ve waited to write this article for a while now. I used to be a loyal die-hard Democrat for 54 years of my life. I no longer know what a “Democrat” is anymore; I don’t know what a “Progressive” is either. I once thought that a “Progressive” was words that people who were too shy to say they were “liberals” used in its place. I don’t feel that way anymore. These so called “Progressives” aren’t liberals, they are something else completely. They are not people that have liberal values that put the welfare of the people of our country first. There are mass-media believers that can’t think past the last “sound-bite” they heard on a campaign video from the DNC.

A few days ago, Senator John McCain spoke to AIPAC. Maybe you don’t know it, but AIPAC does not speak for the majority of Jews living in America. The truth is that AIPAC represents the right wing of the Israeli Government and the right wing Jews in America. The other 80% of Jews living in America are the most part liberal Democrats. They don’t subscribe to AIPAC. AIPAC also has fundamentalist Christians that are betting on the “Rapture”. AIPAC is a right wing, predominantly Republican organization that takes a hard line against and concession to peace that Israel might be asked to make in the interests of peace in the Middle-East. Another thing you might ask these people, why hasn’t Israel signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? The answer is that America has colluded with the Jewish State to allow them to produce from 150-to 300 nuclear weapons. Nice trick. We rant about Iran building reactors while Israel stocks nukes. Isn’t that rather one-sided? We are a country that claims we are non-judgmental and want only to keep peace and stop future nuclear wars? The American people have been deceived. [my emphasis]


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