The people who make the scanners used by TSA employees at U.S. airports to look at your bottom

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By Les Blough, Editor
Jun 13, 2008, 09:36

Our Axis of Logic correspondent from Egypt, Cherifa Sirry, sent us the AFP article below, for republication with the following satirical note:

“If you are planning on travelling to the United States, your picture, visa, finger prints and retina scans are no longer enough. US immigration officers can now also scan your private parts in detail for Weapons of Mass Destruction of course! If you are a person with some sense of privacy… there is no problem: your face won’t show, only your bottom will”.

Considering the absurdity and offensiveness of TSA’s purchase and use of these scanners under the pretext of “fighting terrorism” – We must ask what could be the possible motivation for the installation of these machines in U.S. airports.

Axis of Logic readers make our job as editors easy. We trust the reader’s intelligence and don’t always have to interpret the information we provide. We thought our readers might want to know a little more about the manufacturer of the Millimeter Wave Body Scanner, L3 Communications. This is the corporation that is contracted by the TSA to provide them with the scanners that enable TSA employees to look at your private parts.

L3 Communication Profits

L3 Communications issued their First Quarter 2008 financial report as follows:

  • Diluted earnings per share increased 19% to $1.54
  • Net sales increased 6% to $3.5 billion
  • Net cash from operating activities of $93 million
  • Record funded orders of $4.1 billion and record funded backlog of $10.1 billion

Major L3 Communications Contracts

L3 Communications has contracts with the following companies:

  • Australian defense contractor Tenix selected L-3 to provide integrated communications systems for the Royal Australian Navy’ss two Canberra-Class Landing Helicopter Dock amphibious ships.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded L-3 a blanket purchase agreement to assist with preparedness efforts for all-hazards, including bio-terrorism and pandemic outbreaks.
  • The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) selected L-3 to supply an Integrated Broadcast Service, which will provide real-time intelligence capability to the MoD and its operational forces.
  • The U.S. Army extended L-3’s period of performance on the Linguist contract for three months to June 9, 2008. During March, Global Linguist Solutions (GLS) selected L-3 as a subcontractor to supply translation and interpretation services in Iraq under the U.S. Army’s Translation and Interpretation Management Services (TIMS) contract, and L-3 withdrew its previously filed protest with the U.S. General Accounting Office of GLS’ selection for the TIMS contract. During the three-month contract extension, L-3 will transition its linguist services to GLS.
  • The U.S. Marine Corps awarded L-3 a contract to supply and implement Tactical Video Capture Systems at military training sites in the U.S. and overseas.
  • The U.S. Army awarded L-3 a follow-on order for AN/PSS-14 advanced mine detection systems.

L3 Communications also provides the following “Government Services”:

Aviation, Maritime & Human Intelligence

The businesses in L-3’s Government Services reportable segment provide a full range of communications systems support, engineering services, information technology (IT) services, teaching and training services, marksmanship training systems and services, intelligence support and analysis services. We sell these services primarily to the DoD, U.S. Government intelligence agencies and allied foreign governments.

  • L-3 integrates UAVs, sensors and communications equipment to support a variety of surveillance missions for U.S. warfighters in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, L-3 provides full-service training support to the U.S. Coast Guard and provides weapon system, avionics technical and engineering support on programs such as the F/A-18, EA-6B, EA-18G, F-14, Joint Strike Fighter, P-3, H-60, H-1, V-22, E-6 and multi-mission aircraft. To complement its aviation and maritime intelligence capabilities domestically and abroad, L-3 is the largest provider of commercial linguist services to the U.S. Government, providing translation, interpretation and linguist/analyst support to deployed and home-station military organizations.
  • With the formation of the L-3 Services Group, L-3 has significantly expanded its portfolio of enterprise information technology capabilities. L-3 provides world-class IT and related services to the FAA, Department of Transportation and other federal agencies, and delivers a broad spectrum of enterprise network management, information assurance and engineering services to the DoD. In addition, L-3 provides a variety of ballistic missile targets and associated launch services to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).
  • Through its Services Group, L-3 provides a host of staff support services, including program coordination, distribution, complete supply chain management and transportation services, as well as strategic communications and public affairs instruction for a variety of military and civil service clients. In addition, L-3 provides critical systems engineering services as well as program management support and training for strategic domestic and overseas initiatives.

We also thought our readers might want to meet a few of the beneficiaries of the contract the TSA is giving to L3 Communications.

Meet the Executive Management Staff of L3 Communications

Michael T. Strianese
Chief Executive Officer, President and Executive Director, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.
Strianese’ annual salary is $1,000,000 and his annual bonus is $2,500,000, totaling a total cash income of $3,500,000. In addition he receives stock options valued at $19,793,819

Jimmie V. Adams
Senior Vice President,
Washington Operations

David T. Butler III
Senior Vice President
Business Operations

Ralph G. D’Ambrosio
Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Steven M. Post
Senior Vice President
, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Robert W. RisCassi
Senior Vice Presiden

Curtis Brunson
Senior Vice President
Corporate Strategy and Development

L3 Communications manufactures the following products:

  • Avionics, Displays & Specialty Products

    With the broadest base of products in the industry, L-3’s Specialized Products segment focuses on sensors, electro-optics, fuzes, guidance and navigation for precision engagement, simulators, power and control systems, propulsion systems, specialty products, avionics, antennas and microwave components. This group supports the US Government, with a focus on the DoD and civilian agencies, as well as a substantial commercial and international customer base.

  • Marine & Power Systems L-3 Marine & Power Systems provides maritime automation, navigation, control and communications, power distribution and conditioning, sensors and simulation, and surveillance products and services to the U.S. Navy and most allied foreign navies, as well as commercial and industrial customers worldwide. From bridge to propeller, L-3 Marine & Power Systems combines the very best in maritime products, services and integrated systems into seamless cost-effective solutions for military, commercial and offshore markets. Additionally, L-3 Marine & Power Systems is a leading global supplier of acoustic underwater warfare systems and has extensive experience that spans a wide range of platforms, including helicopters, submarines and surface ships.
  • Microwave, RF, SATCOM & Antenna Products
    For over 50 years, L-3 has been a top provider of RF components and subsystems through its worldwide recognized Narda brand. These components range from passive catalog RF parts through complex multi-band transceivers and space-qualified channelized amplifiers and assemblies. L-3 also leads the industry in military communications with mobile SATCOM terminals, modems and multi-band tactical radios and is a worldwide provider of ground-based radomes and precision antenna systems.
  • Security & Detection With an installed base of more than 18,000 systems, L-3 is a major supplier of mature and next-generation systems and technology products for aviation, rail and cargo screening; port and border inspection; facility and infrastructure security; explosives and landmine detection and air remediation. L-3 is also a leader in intrusion detection and maritime and port security systems and products.
  • Sensors, Guidance, Navigation & Simulation L-3 is the world’s premier provider of aircraft simulators, offering highly realistic, real-world training for a full range of rotary- and fixed-wing platforms. L-3 also offers unmatched EO/IR, guidance and precision engagement products, including an array of stabilized imaging turrets, thermal imaging systems, advanced weapon sights for the military and law enforcement, fuzing products and sonars.

The TSA is currently spending US tax dollars for 8 scanners at a cost of $1,700,000 ($212,500 per scanner). You can bet that more are on their way.

– Les Blough, Editor

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