The happy slave syndrome by Peter Rigg

Dandelion Salad

by Peter Rigg
From the June 2008 issue of the Socialist Standard

The following is a transcript of a talk from a recent SPGB Day School.

Why do we so doggedly embrace the wages and money system when it openly makes use of us?

For some of us our wage slavery can buy us a comfortable, prosperous lifestyle and personally rewarding work; for others it means being discarded; for most of us perhaps it’s something in between. But in any event, the sole purpose of the capitalist system is to make a profit out of us and to accumulate capital, and no amount of TV property programmes, cars, foreign holidays, latte coffee, or shopping makes any difference to that.

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Bush Says Farewell To Europe, Continent Prepares For The End



by R J Shulman
Dandelion Salad
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Robert’s blog post
June 16, 2008

PARIS – President Bush announced today that he will be sad to have to say goodbye to Europe, but because they will not back his plans to attack Iran, Europe will have to go first. “If they can’t join ya, you gotta fight them, so I’ll have to shock and awe old Europe back to the stoner age. I’ll start with Spain,” he said, “because they have too many people speaking Spanish in the workplace.”

While House Press Secretary Dana Perino said, “He will then bomb London, then Paris. He tried to talk to the Iranians by going to Europe and not Iran itself, just like his successful strategy of attacking Iraq to get to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. This shows the strength of purpose of a great leader.”

Not everyone supports the Presidents plans to level the whole European continent. “When I wrote my song Political Science thirty-five years ago,” said songwriter Randy Newman, “and sang about dropping the big one, you know ‘boom goes London, boom Paris,’ it was supposed to be satire, not frickin prophesy.”

“I believe, if you will,” said Vice President Dick Cheney, “that Europe is in its final throes.